Hotel Mirror Installation / Framed and Frameless Glass / Hotel Shower Screens

Preedy Glass – Ceiling Mirrors

Preedy Glass – Ceiling Mirrors

Preedy Glass – Hotel Mirror Installation / Framed and Frameless Glass / Hotel Shower Screens

Preedy Glass are specialists in the supply and installation of mirrored ceilings to the hotel and entertainment industries. Ceiling mirrors have long been associated with luxury and elegance as they add a sense of drama to the room and can help to compliment or enhance other design features.

Ceiling mirrors are primarily used to create the illusion of space, helping rooms to feel open and more spacious. They also amplify any natural light in the space making them lighter, brighter and more comfortable as it reduces the requirement artificial light in daylight hours.



Product Details

There are many specification options available for ceiling installations, so we can always find the right approach for your specific project. Ceilings don’t just have to use mirrors, we can use nearly our entire product range on ceiling installations, the specification options include:

Standard Mirrors – Antique Mirrors – Tinted Mirrors – Acid Mirrors

Gilded Mirrors – Eglomise Mirrors

Back Painted Glass – Kiln Formed Glass – Material backed Glass – Mesh / Fabric laminated glass

As well as the type of material we also customise the design by the tile size and shape, fixing method. Further processing such as bevelling, sandblasting or acid work (for backlighting) and decorative rosettes are a way to add finer detail to the installation. We will also co-ordinate with other trades throughout to ensure the correct allowances and modifications are made for services such as HVAC, Lighting, Security, Fire and Data.

The majority of ceiling projects have the mirrors bonded and mechanically fixed to a suitably prepared ceiling surface on-site by our experienced installation team. However, we have also completed modular ceiling projects where units are pre-fabricated at our production facility and then installed on site as complete units. This allows us to work within ambitious programmes and meet the specific needs of each project.

Get in touch with us to see how we can transform your spaces with the additional of a ceiling installation.


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