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Preedy Glass – Stained Glass

Preedy Glass – Stained Glass

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Preedy Glass are suppliers and installers of leaded lights and stained glass. We have produced leaded lights since we were established in 1913 with our work going into some of the world's most prestigious hotels.

We produce traditional designs as well as more modern, abstract work which allows us to perfectly match the characteristics of your hotel. Stained glass can be used in doors, windows, partitions and ceilings to fill the space with diffused, colourful light. Stained glass can subtly change the atmosphere in the room depending on the time of day, light conditions and the changing of the seasons.

Product Details

The possibilities with stained glass are almost endless. We have a wide colour library that we can access to get the perfect colour to match branding or other building features. We produce bespoke designs to match your inspiration whatever that may be. 

We have matched and modified designs from Alice in Wonderland, have replicated the Coastal from outside the hotel where it is installed and produced modern interpretation of old designs.

The sizes of our stained glass installations vary by project. We have produced small bar and restaurant pieces all the way through to a 4m x 4m Crittall frame filled with stained glass. No matter your requirements we can find the correct solution.

Stained glass is typically installed into either wooded or metal frames, both of which we can supply or we can work with other contractors to pass on our requirements and ensure a seamless fit.

Stained glass is a great way to add a true-one off element to a hotel. For example, we have installed stained glass at a number of sites for a luxury hotel brand. They have designed each installation around the location and history of each hotel. This gives a continuity to the design while also appreciating the uniqueness of each hotel and gives regular guests something to look out for at each hotel.

We take great satisfaction in maintaining this traditional glass craft and adapting it to modern tastes so that future generations can continue to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship in stained glass.


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