Portable Floormaker – Starlok® Portable Dance Floor

Portable Floormaker – Starlok® Portable Dance Floor

Portable Floormaker – UK Manufacturers of Luxury Portable Dance Floors & Mobile Hotel Bars

The most desirable LED Dance Floor on today’s market. Starlok® is a fully cabled system offering reliability as well as stunning visuals with a choice of different control options including static, chase and twinkle.

Product Details

Starlok® is the most premium and reliable LED Portable Dance Floor on the market, utilised by some of the most sought after venues and event professionals worldwide.

The entire floor is fully cabled underneath, offering a strong and stable power connection between each panel at all points during functions. Beware of potential power issues that alternative ‘wireless’ systems on the market may cause. 

The Starlok® BC Controller allows different transitions across the floor including Static, Chase and Twinkle, which is controlled using the 3 simple buttons on the front of the unit.

  • Fully cabled and reliable
  • 6mm solid colour acrylic inlay
  • Controller with different functions
  • Lacquered rear panels
  • Ribbed backing battens
  • 100% tool free
  • Manufactured in the UK

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