Portable Floormaker – Stagelok® Portable Stage System

Portable Floormaker – Stagelok® Portable Stage System

Portable Floormaker – UK Manufacturers of Luxury Portable Dance Floors & Mobile Hotel Bars

Stagelok® is a tool free portable stage system, designed with complete practicality and speed in mind. 

The entire system is exceptionally versatile and can be assembled in different combinations depending on the event size. Each module is 1m x 1m in size and we supply a variety of different height options to choose from within the range.

Product Details

Each individual module consists of 3 different parts: Frame, Support Bar and Deck. The units are built by each frame being opened and a support bar is then slotted into the box section down the middle to add stability to the section and add structure and rigidity to the build. Once the first module is built, you can then continue to add more into your set-up until the required size is met.

After you reach your desired set-up, a few more parts are required to secure the stage sections. Locking plates are supplied which are connected to the bottom box section which connects the frames together and adds structure and rigidity to the overall build.

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