Opis Technology – Opis 60s Mobile – Desktop Mobile with Rotary Dial and Metal Bell

Opis Technology – Opis 60s Mobile – Desktop Mobile with Rotary Dial and Metal Bell

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The Opis 60s mobile, available in 2G and 4G versions, is an innovative solution for hotels, offering the charm of a 1960s rotary phone without the need for landline installation. These desktop mobile telephones operate with a SIM-card.

Product Details

Opis 60s Mobile: Effortless Charm and Connectivity for Hotels

Explainer: What is a Desktop Mobile?
A desktop mobile, or GSM desktop phone, combines the classic design and daily operation of a landline with internal mobile technology. Rather than connecting to a phone line, it operates with a SIM card, providing the convenience and connectivity of a mobile phone in a traditional desktop format. This seamless integration allows for a familiar user experience enhanced with modern telephony features.

Introduction: What if you could have a classic rotary dial telephone without the need for a phone line? The Opis 60s mobile is a desktop mobile phone combining 1960s aesthetics with modern mobile technology. Using a SIM card and mobile technology, this solution eliminates the need for landline cables and cable tunnels, offering a streamlined installation process for hotels.

2G vs. 4G Versions:

  • 2G Version: Provides an affordable option with adequate connectivity for areas with continuous 2G coverage.
  • 4G Version: Offers a future-proof solution with worldwide network coverage.

Common Features:

  • Is a mobile phone inside but works exactly like a landline
  • Classic rotary dial and metal bell ringer
  • Over 5 hours of talk time and 1 week of standby
  • No network lock
  • Can store local area code for fixed-line behavior
  • Saves up to 99 quick-dial numbers


  • Dimensions: 23 cm x 21 cm x 13 cm
  • Weight: 1.0 kg
  • Charger (EU,UK or US version) included

With easy installation and unique design, the Opis 60s mobile elevates the guest experience, reflecting a blend of nostalgic design and modern GSM technology.

Download manual in PDF format here.

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