Opis Technology – 60s Cable – Landline with Rotary Dial and Metal Bell

Opis Technology – 60s Cable – Landline with Rotary Dial and Metal Bell

Opis Technology – Retro Hotel Phones / Hotel Vintage Lamps / Hotel Reception Clocks

Elevate Your Office Aesthetics and Experience with Opis 60s cable landline rotary phones.

Product Details

Our Opis 60s cable landline telephone reintroduces the classic charm of the 1960s. Designed for hotels that value both style and substance, this telephone offers an elegant design with the durability and functionality needed in today’s fast-paced work environment.

Classic Design Reimagined:

  • Timeless Appeal: The rotary dial and metal bell ringer bring a touch of nostalgia, enhancing the look of any room, floor or reception.
  • Ergonomic Excellence: The rounded receiver is crafted for that comfortable between shoulder and ear feel.

Performance Driven:

  • Clear Communication: High-class microphone and speaker are integrated for a perfectly clear voice transmission.
  • Reliable Connectivity: Comes with a durable cord and international RJ11 plug.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 23 cm x 21 cm x 13 cm, with a comfortable weight of 1.1 kg.
  • Robust Build: Designed to withstand the demands of a busy environment.
  • Options: Available in a range of colours: black, red, white, cream, azure, blue, yellow, green, orange

Why Choose the Opis 60s Cable Landline Telephone?

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Elevates your room decor.
  • Quality Communication: Ensures every conversation is clear and uninterrupted.
  • Durability: Built to last with high-quality materials and design.

Bring a piece of history into your hotel and stand out with the Opis 60s cable landline telephone. It’s not just a communication tool; it’s a statement that speaks volumes about your brand’s commitment to quality and style.

To download the manual in PDF format click here.

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