Intelligent Energy Management Solutions

Intelligent Energy Management Solutions

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Smart energy management will improve both your bottom line and your guests’ comfort. Onity presents a feature rich line of products with innovative designs and unsurpassed performance, which provide substantial savings and rapid return on investment, without compromising comfort.

They can help facility managers reduce operating expenses and satisfy guest expectations for comfort and sustainability.

Product Details

The SensorStat® Solution

The SensorStat occupancy based system is proven to reduce energy consumption by 20%-45%2 compared to traditional thermostats, while maintaining the same level of guest comfort.

SensorStat thermostats detect motion and body heat, through sensors, to ensure comfort is maintained for guests. They use a proprietary Recovery TimeTM algorithm that allows the room temperature to drift for energy savings, while rooms are not occupied, but returns to the occupant selected setpoint within a predefined number of minutes.

By managing energy in spaces with unpredictable occupancy patterns, the SensorStat intelligent energy management system can help hospitality brands improve their RevPAR by:

  • Saving energy
  • Improving climate comfort
  • Reducing HVAC runtime
  • Expanding the equipment’s working life
  • Reducing technical issues
  • Decreasing maintenance costs
  • Improving guest satisfaction

Energy Saving Devices

Onity also offers energy savers, which activate lights upon keycard insertion. With innovative designs and models for every application, they provide substantial savings and rapid return on investment, without compromising comfort.

  • Different technologies: RFID (MIFARE®, SR176 and SR512), magstripe or mechanical
  • Intelligent versions which differentiate guest and master cards (activating one or two relays, ie. lights for all valid cards and TV only for guests)
  • LED light for easy location in the dark
  • Timed courtesy light
  • Models available for surface installation (OniSwitch range) or flush mounted (Intellity range).

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