Electronic Locks with Mobile Key option

Electronic Locks with Mobile Key option

Onity – Electronic Hotel Locks, Hotel Energy Management Systems and Hotel Security Technology

Onity solutions provide reliable locks, streamlined check-in and mobile access, enabling guest convenience and operational efficiencies. Count on Onity to help you lock in the security and access control you need, whether your property is large or small. You can pick your path with a cost-effective, scalable and customizable approach.


Brilliantly designed yet simple to use, Onity locks keep today’s modern aesthetics top of mind with a variety of options to blend into virtually any decor.


Get a proven mobile key solution right out of the box, Onity locks are available DirectKey™ ready with an optional DirectKey module or can be updated on premises later when ready to make the leap to mobile access.

Product Details

Backed by over 80 years of expertise beginning as a mechanical lock manufacturer and 5+ million locks installed in more than 30,000 properties, Onity is one of the world’s leading providers of electronic locking systems, access control, and contactless mobile access solutions.

Onity locks are brilliantly designed, yet ingeniously simple to use; they offer the quality, features and durability you need, with the added advantage of Onity’s knowledge and world-renowned reputation.

Created to accommodate small-to-large-sized properties, Onity locks provide hotel guests with smooth and efficient check-in, which enables your property to achieve new heights of convenience and operational efficiency.

Onity electronic locks are available with RFID or magstripe technology and two main lock design concepts:

  • Trillium lock range
  • ADVANCE modular lock range

Onity also brings an additional RFID technology option by implementing MIFARE Plus® technology, a required feature at certain hotel chains for which increased credential security is vital.

Onity locks are managed by OnPortal™ a scalable software solution with roving check-in option designed to deliver optimal efficiency, flexibility and guest satisfaction. ​​It offers a variety of access management options that match how hoteliers want to operate – physical keycards and mobile keys, front desk and roving check in, IP encoding and much more. Its flexible architecture supports loading on PC clients, roving tablet-based check-in stations or IP encoders.

OnPortal provides direct integration with Onity’s DirectKey™ mobile access system. DirectKey, is a cost-effective, secure and easy-to-use solution which allows guests to use their smartphone as their room key. Combining Bluetooth® and cloud technologies, DirectKey can enhance guest experience for hotels of any size.

Through integration with a hotel property management systems (PMS) and OnPortal, properties can implement DirectKey to enable contactless check-in and property access so hotel guests can bypass reception and go directly to their room.

Onity´s DirectKey system is built on a mobile credentialing platform that has been deployed across an installed base of 4 million Bluetooth locking devices in multiple industries. It is a great option for properties that are preserving social distancing guidelines and seeking to enhance contactless access.

DirectKey technology stands out as a pioneering platform in mobile credentialing. Onity released its DirectKey system for major hotel brands in 2015, and now the technology is deployed in more than 5,000 hotels and 900,000 rooms worldwide. Since the launch of DirectKey in 2015, guests have used Onity’s mobile key credentials to open doors more than 100 million times.

DirectKey – Advantages for the Hotel

  • Easily configurable access hours
  • Operational efficiency
  • Loyalty build-up
  • On-line system capability
  • Enhanced security
  • Convenient upgrades

DirectKey – Advantages for the Guest

  • Avoids waiting at front desk for check-in*
  • Access from a convenient distance, no need to wake up the lock touching it with the phone
  • Secure key credentials remain on the mobile phone for the duration of the stay
  • Meets guest preferences for contactless, seamless access experience through mobile app
  • Can be used alongside physical keycards
  • Enhanced guest experience

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