HEATSAIL – Hotel Outdoor Lighting / Hotel Outdoor Heating / Hotel Mist Cooling

The GLOW collection is the most flexible Heatsail collection so far. Suspend each piece separately, or opt for one of the optional ceiling modules to suspend them in a circle or in a line.

Timeless light with heating.

  • Sets of 3 or 5 units
  • Control light and heating by wall switch or remote control
  • FAR-infrared technology
  • Two different heating settings
  • Light dimmable with remote
  • Powder coated aluminium profile, can stay outside whole year long
  • 100% Electric, 1920 Watt or 3200 Watt
  • Standard color: Midnight
  • Standard with cable and single ceiling rose
  • Optional: straight ceiling rose
  • Optional: stem mounting option
  • Optional: remote control
  • CE, IEC approved and SGS listed to UL and CAN/CSA standards

Product Details

RUST FREE & WATERPROOF: The GLOW collection is made of high quality aluminium and all weather proof.
LOW ENERGY USAGE, ZERO CO2 EMISSION: The GLOW collection uses less energy than the traditional gas heaters. Because the GLOW collection is 100% electric, it doesn’t emit CO2 and has a low energy consumption of only 1,92 kWh (3 units) and 3,20 kWh (5 units).
LOW MAINTENANCE: By using highly efficient and durable ceramic heating elements and the best materials, the GLOW collection is virtually maintenance free.
GLOW: Providing a comfortable warmth without red glow.


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