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The DOME is a timeless design outdoor light with integrated heating that turns your terrace, patio or pergola into a place you don’t want to leave during cool cosy evenings.

DOMEs are available as free standing units, pendant from the ceiling or with a bow wall bracket.

Even when you’re not outside the DOME is a great eye-catcher to your outdoor space.

The DOME collection is designed and made in Belgium.

  • Reach & glow: up to 5 meters comfortable warmth without a red glow, ideal for a table of 6 people.
  • Control light and heating separately by remote control or phone app (dimmable)
  • FAR-infrared technology
  • Made of stainless steel and aluminium, can stay outside whole year long
  • No CO2 emissions; 100% Electric, only 3220 Watt
  • Standard colours: Midnight & Snow; RAL-colours optional
  • Movable with two small wheels in the base, additional two wheels as an option
  • Optional built-in Bluetooth speaker system.
  • CE, IEC approved; SGS listed to UL and CAN/CSA standards

Product Details

Hood diameter 100 cm (3’3.4”)
Hood height 38 cm (1’3”)
Base 44 x 44 x 33 cm (1’5.3” x 1’5.3” x 1’1”)

Consumption: 3.22 kWh = Heat 3100 Watt + Light 120 Watt
Radiating range: up to 5 meters
Colours: two standard colours Midnight black and Snow white and optionally in all heat resistant RAL colours.


  • Rust free & weatherproof:
    The DOME collecion is made of high quality materials such as
    aluminium and stainless steel, making it suitable for
    outdoor use.
  • Low energy usage, zero CO2 emission:
    The DOME collection uses less energy than the traditional
    gas heaters. Because the DOME collection is 100% electric, it
    doesn’t emit CO2 and has a low energy consumption of only
    3.22 kWh.
  • Low maintenance:
    By using highly efficient and durable ceramic heating
    elements, combined with the best materials, the DOME
    collection is virtually maintenance free.
  • Reach 5 m & glow:
    Up to 5 meters reach. Comfortable warmth without a red glow.
  • Design: the unique patented design makes the DOME an absolute eyecatcher, exuding luxury, elegance and PATENTED exclusivity.

For detailed technical information, visit https://heatsail.com/technical-information-documentation/

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