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Easydry International – Easydry Compostable Bath Towel

Easydry International – Easydry Compostable Bath Towel

Easydry International – Biodegradable Hotel Towels / Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Hotel Towels / Compostable Hotel Towels

Meet our Compostable  Bath & Body Towel - a performance driven and eco-friendly. Focusing on elevating hygiene in the Hospitality Sector, through offering each guest a unique body towel every stay. Sustainability is our Strength - no laundry means massive savings in Fresh Water, Energy Usage and Carbon Emissions. Our TUV certified, 100% natural materials fully biodegrade in just 12 weeks, leaving no trace. Crafted from a superabsorbent organic material, it's 3 times more absorbent than cotton, offering a gentle and enhanced drying experience for your guests. Choose sustainability without compromising excellence - redefine your hotel's eco-commitment with Easydry. 

Product Details

Type of Product: Compostable Bath Towel Collection: Easydry Classic Colour: White, Black Suitable For: Hotel Bathrooms, Gym Changing Rooms, Poolside Towel, Golfing Changing Rooms, Spa Treatments Size: 135 x 80cm Material: 100% Organic Features: Superabsorbent: This towel is 3 times more absorbent than cotton alternatives. Cost /Time/ Space Saving: This towel will help hotels save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses and labour along with taking up significantly less space in your hotel. Enhanced Guest Experience: Indicate your commitment to the guest experience through their own personal high performing eco-towel Hygiene: These towels are designed with hygiene in mind with one being used per guest, your hotel can ensure guests always feel comfortable and clean Laundry Free Solution: This towel enables salons to go laundry free. This leads to substantial time and cost savings along with impressive energy reduction and savings of water waste. Premium Quality: These towels are made from Easydry’s Classic material ensuring only the highest quality and absorbency for your guests. Certifications

  • B-Corp Certified
  • FSC Certified
  • Seedling Certified
  • TUV Industrial Compostable (Cert Number: TA8012105256)
  • TUV Home Compostable (Cert Number: TA8022105258)

Quantity Options: 300 Samples available upon request. Custom Options Available, Quantity Dependent.


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