Easydry International – Easydry Compostable Face Towel

Easydry International – Easydry Compostable Face Towel

Easydry International – Biodegradable Hotel Towels / Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Hotel Towels / Compostable Hotel Towels

Meet our Compostable Face Towel - a pinnacle of hygiene and luxury for hotels. Elevate cleanliness for your guests by offering a distinctive, opulent face towel every stay. Our commitment to sustainability is unmatched - no laundry means significant savings in Fresh Water, Energy Usage and Carbon Emissions. Crafted from ethically sourced, certified and 100% natural materials, our towels biodegrade in just 12 weeks, leaving no trace. 3 times more absorbent than cotton, our superabsorbent organic material ensures a gentle,  more hygienic and enhanced cleansing experience. Choose sustainability without compromise and redefine you hotel's eco-commitment with Easydry.

Product Details

Type of Product: Compostable Face Towel Collection: Easydry Classic Colour: White, Black Suitable For: Bathroom Use, Spa Treatments, Wipe Down Towel Gym, Golf Club Cleaner Size: 30 x 20cm, 30 x 43cm Material: 100% Organic Features Superabsorbent: This towel is 3 times more absorbent than cotton alternatives. Cost and Time Saving: This towel will help hotels save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses and tasks (like laundry/ folding etc). Enhanced Guest Experience: By offering a unique towel, each guest will experience their own compostable face towel, with low friction, high absorbency and reduced skin abrasion, offering luxurious feel and kind skincare all in one. Hygiene: These towels are designed with hygiene in mind with one being used per client, your hotel can ensure clients always feel cared for, comfortable and clean. Laundry Free Solution: This face towel enables hotels to significantly reduce laundry loads. This leads to substantial time and cost savings along with massive energy reduction and savings of fresh water waste. Premium Quality: These towels are made from Easydry’s Classic material ensuring only the highest quality, absorbency and eco credentials for your guests. Certifications

  • B-Corp Certified
  • FSC Certified
  • Seedling Certified
  • TUV Industrial Compostable (Cert Number: TA8012105256)
  • TUV Home Compostable (Cert Number: TA8022105258)

Quantity Options: 1120, 1200, 5200 Samples available upon request.


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