Belu Water Filtration for Hotels & Restaurants

Belu Water Filtration for Hotels & Restaurants

Belu Water – Hotel Mineral Water / Hotel Water Filtration Machines / Sustainable Hotel Water Filters

We supply and install best-in-class water filtration systems so you have filtered water on hand, however you like it. Sparkling or still, chilled, ambient or hot water. We have a range of machines with best-in calss filter technology and a choice of payment models to suit you, plus we can supply refillable bottles and will maintain your system with regular servicing and call-out.

Whether it's for your restaurant, bar or in-room guest water offering we can tailor our solutions to suit any space. 

Product Details

There are two ways to make amazing happen: Positive Profits: A revenue share with 50% of your sales supporting Belu’s purpose. We lease you a filtration system at a reduced weekly fee. As you charge your customers for Belu filtered water, 50% from each sale goes to Belu. Fixed Filtration: Our fixed lease agreement model makes a positive difference and allows you to use your filtration system any way you wish.


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