Belu Water Filtration for Back of House & Head Office

Belu Water Filtration for Back of House & Head Office

Belu Water – Hotel Mineral Water / Hotel Water Filtration Machines / Sustainable Hotel Water Filters

Hot, cold, chilled and sparkling filtered water at the touch of a button for your back of house and staff areas. Remove the need for single use bottles, reduce waste and storage and make your in-room water service a whole lot more sustainable. Our best in class systems and service and maintenance mean you get a truly reliable water solution, plus we offer a range of models and commercial plans so there'll be something to suit your specific requirements.

Keep your teams and guests hydrated and healthy whilst supporting global communities and your sustainability strategy. With Belu filtration on tap you can demonstrate that your business sources responsibly and supports circular production.

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By choosing Belu Filter in Action for hotel, restaurant or workplace, you’ll be joining Belu in delivering our purpose: to change the way the world sees water. We invest in carbon reduction and water stewardship and give 100% net profits to WaterAid to help bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to everyone, everywhere.


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