Consider this simple scenario

In the hospitality industry, even the smallest oversight in internal tasks can have a significant impact on guest experience. 

What happens if an employee forgets to change the towels before the guests arrive? 

Simple answer: when an internal task is performed incorrectly, it negatively impacts guest experience.

Hotels aim to offer excellent service by implementing firm rules and internal standards for housekeeping and maintenance.

And there are two key reasons for this:

  1. Keeping workflows consistent. It is important that employees follow the same procedure to ensure that tasks are completed consistently.
  2. Maintaining standards across a chain of hotels. By establishing and enforcing internal standards, hotels guarantee that guests have a consistent experience regardless of the location they visit.

Some hotels continue to use old-fashioned methods for team efficiency and quality service. One example is relying on printed checklists to inspect rooms and guest areas.

Here’s how it typically works

For instance, a housekeeping lady takes a physical printed sheet with them and manually fills in all the columns while cleaning the room.

While this approach may seem effective, it poses potential risks, including manual errors, inaccurate records, and environmental impact.

TagPoint provides a comprehensive solution that enables smooth internal task management among hotel staff, including the convenient feature of digital inspections and checklists.

With digital inspections, employees only need a smartphone to access automated checklists for any type of task.

Here’s how it works with TagPoint

Step #1. Create any custom online checklists for room checks, manager-on-duty inspections, maintenance routines, or other recurring tasks.

Step #2. An assigned employee receives a detailed checklist for the specific area they need to inspect, such as a room, reception, spa, or restaurant.

Step #3. If any problems are found during the inspection, the system automatically generates follow-up actions to address them.

Step #4. All the information entered during the inspection is saved instantly in the system. There’s no way to miss or forget anything — the app ensures that employees follow the checklist.

Automated checklists for hotels are easy to use and fit smoothly into the hotel’s existing work routines. The solution also doesn’t require any additional training.

TagPoint assists team members in completing tasks promptly and in compliance with internal standards, eliminates the need of carrying physical documents on tasks, and evaluates overall efficiency.

Moreover, TagPoint combines team and guest features in a single app, allowing guests to create requests, rate the provided services, and leave comprehensive feedback about their stay experience.

A free trial period is now available to new customers. TagPoint is free to use for 30 days so you can try and see if it’s the right solution for your tasks.

Please contact Chris Mason from TagPoint for additional questions or a demo request.