Plastic Free July: Join SNOAP in reducing plastic pollution

At SNOAP HQ, we are passionate about our planet. The SNOAP brand was created to help reduce the amount of plastic pollution that goes into our oceans and waterways, as well as into landfill. It’s a massive issue on a global scale, but we truly believe that we can all make a change by having the bottle to take small steps every day. We don’t change the world by talking about it, but by taking action and encouraging others to do the same.

How can we be part of the Plastic Pollution Solution?

Of course, the most obvious thing that we can ask you to do is to consider buying our products; every time you buy from SNOAP, you are freeing the planet from more plastic pollution!

We expect our SNOAP dispensers to last for approximately twenty-five years and when they reach the end of their life, they are re-purposed using a chipping and re-moulding method. Our eco shower puffs are made from recycled ocean plastic – each puff made removes three bottles from the environment.

Also, each bar of SNOAP will give you around 1,000 hand, body or hair washes and the dispenser holds two bars; to put that into context, that’s equivalent to around TWENTY single-use bottles of liquid hand or body wash! So, that’s twenty fewer bottles that could end up in landfill or floating away in the sea. When you think about it, it would be mad NOT to invest in SNOAP products – not only are you doing something kind for the planet, but you are also being kind to your wallet. SNOAP products are luxurious and suitable for the whole family.

Collaboration wins the day!

Okay, we’re not going to keep on banging the drum for SNOAP; if you’ve switched to SNOAP, you already know the benefits and if you haven’t yet tried our revolutionary dispensers, SNOAPS and accessories, then we are sure that you will at some point in the future!

SNOAP is all about collaboration. As the founder of the brand, I wanted to work with other local and national organisations to spread the single-use plastic message and also to ensure that we’re doing all we can to preserve our planet for future generations to come.

If you are a regular reader of our blogs, you will already know about our work with Project Seagrass (there’s another blog coming soon!) and we are a member of the cleaner water campaign group, Surfers Against Sewage. We also work with a company called Precious Plastic. They provide the tools for people across the world to get involved in plastic repurposing, including providing revolutionary machinery so that communities can work together to be part of the plastic pollution solution. Two of our local schools are working towards a goal of becoming community repurposing collection hubs and they also use repurposed plastic products, such as dinner trays, playground swings and bench slats (they are also using SNOAP products and have been astonished by how much this has already reduced their plastic waste). Why not visit the Precious Plastic website and see how you can get involved?

You can also check out the Plastic Free July website. There are lots of free resources on there, including a fun ‘Pesky Plastics’ quiz, the plastic reduction pledge and handy social media badges so that you can publicise your efforts and get others involved. They really highlight the many ways in which you can act to reduce your usage of single-use plastics, both at home and at work – it’s quite an eye-opener!

We hope you’ve found this interesting and hopefully we have given you some food for thought as to how you can get more involved. If you’ve got the bottle to change your choices and turn the tide on plastic pollution please reach out so we can discuss installing SNOAP in your premises.

Until the next time,

Lisa (AKA Lady SNOAP)