30 of the Very Best Drinking Glasses

Designers and service-industry pros weigh in on their favorite glasses for water, juice, or something stronger.


When it comes to glassware, the sexier vessels — a coupe, a flute, a wineglass — seem to get all the glory. But a simple water glass (which can be just as appropriate for juice, wine, iced coffee, or, yes, a G&T) gets used more than any of those options — and is just as worthy of praise. Whether you’re in the market for a basic, stackable matching set or for something bolder to spruce up your dinner table, the choices are many. To help you in your search, we asked 28 of our favorite restaurant, beverage, and interior-design experts how they take their H2O. I’ve included a few affordable favorites of my own as the Strategist’s unofficial home-bartending expert (if you want to know about the best barware to pair with your new drinking glasses or the bar cart to place them on, I’ve got you covered).

Best disposable short drinking glasses

Repurpose Disposable Stemless Glasses

Material: PLA | Volume: 12 oz. | Number in set: 100

If you’re looking for single-use glasses for a big party, Ross Dawkins and Woody Hambrecht, co-founders of the boxed-wine brand Ami Ami, recommend Repurpose cups. They call them their “absolute go-tos for outdoor entertaining this summer,” adding that they love how these look like actual glasses. And while they are disposable, the cups are compostable, so you don’t have to feel as bad about tossing them away at the end of the night.