Mirabella is reimagining professional-grade cosmetics to create something fresh – a refined synergy of pure ingredients, high-performance formulas, and wearable shades that feel authentically ‘TRUE TO YOU.’


We’ve earned prestige among beauty professionals and enthusiasts. As an industry leader in professional cosmetics for over 20 years, we have established trust and loyalty for our commitment to clean, high-quality formulas.


We source real, clean, skin-loving ingredients and produce safe and dynamic formulas for high-performance, comfortable wear free of fillers and substitutes.


We seek to create an inviting beauty experience for all by fostering individuality and championing self-love. We aim to break barriers formed from unrealistic beauty standards to embrace the idea of universal beauty where everyone is welcome, supported, and celebrated.


We believe that clean beauty should not sacrifice performance. From vetting the optimal balance of pure and potent, to examining the strength of color payoff and wearability, we work with renowned labs to create products that are not only clean, but powerful, innovative, and effective.


Mirabella was born out of frustration with the quality of cosmetic brands available to beauty professionals and since it’s start, we’ve been known for our extensive shade ranges and mineral-based formulas. I’m dedicated to continuing Mirabella’s goal to offer professionals and beauty enthusiasts an ever-evolving cosmetics line and I couldn’t be more proud of our rebrand to ‘T.R.U.E. Beauty Made Just For You’. We’re on a mission to reimagine clean, professional-grade cosmetics and I cannot wait to share this exciting journey with each and every one of you.  

xxoo – Miranda Coggins