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Hotel ID Solutions

Infocus ID – Hotel ID Solutions

A World class range of hotel ID solutions: ID Card Printers, Lanyards, Blank White ID Cards, ID Accessories & Printer Consumables & Software. Along with Visitor Management Systems and Access Control Products – we can provide inspired Hotel ID Solutions which exceed all expectations.

Infocus ID are one of Europe’s leading ID Management specialists, with a full accredited service centre and impartial advice. With HQ based in the UK, our services are recognized globally. Winner of best export business 2018. We are the UKs top supplier for Hotel ID Solutions.

Hotel ID Solutions – Plastic ID Card Printers

Employee ID cards, door access, membership and loyalty cards; there are many applications at your disposal when you have your own card printer. Also known as an ID badge printer they allow you to create personalised identity cards and staff cards. We offer the very best in hotel ID Solutions.

Using RFID, MIFARE, HID or other proximity cards allows you to create access cards to secure areas or individual rooms.

Plastic cards are also food safe, making the hotel ID solution ideal to be used for breakfast and buffet areas. The credit card format clearly displays information without obscuring your products on the display stands. You can print on both sides and can show barcodes, text, clipart or any other useful information for your guests and staff behind the counter. You can customize your price tags and ID cards to create your own designs and use your own logos to highlight whichever features you wish.

Lanyards, Card Holders & Consumables

Whether it be lanyards, card holders, clips or reels, we can provide all you need in any colour.

Keep your brand at the forefront with personalised lanyards. Clearly displaying your hotel name or logo on your staff uniform shows who your guests can talk to and gives an added layer of visibility for security, perfect for hotel ID solutions. Speak to us about getting your hotel name on top quality accessories.

We also stock a comprehensive supply of ALL printer ribbons, cleaning kits and accessories. For all makes and models of card printers, we can help with support, service and supply.

Hotel ID Solutions – Visitor Management

Do you have a handwritten visitor’s book? Then chances are you may be breaking your GDPR agreement.

Can your visitors see the information about previous visitors when they sign in? If so, this is probably a data privacy breach. Run of the mill signing-in books do not comply with GDPR. Hotel ID Solutions are becoming a necessity.

Have you noticed that other hotels you visit have an electronic visitor management system? Manage known and unknown visitors, contractors, staff and guests as required. Providing you with a clear, instant and accurate view of exactly who is or was on your site at any point in time

  • Keep in line with any privacy laws, checking visitors in and out has never been easier with a self-service touchscreen sign in/out.
  • Self-service operation makes the sign-in process quick and easy and reduces the administrative burden on your reception staff.
  • Should an emergency occur, you can make sure everyone is accounted for. One click fire evacuation reports can be relayed to multiple printers and or email addresses so no one is left behind.
  • Safeguard your organisation with the ability to look up historical data and even view photographs quickly and easily, at any point in time.

Door Access Controls

Infocus ID can help you have an access control system that can be used with a card designer package, meaning your access cards double up as ID cards. All you need is a card printer. Card printers are a key part of Hotel ID Solutions. Card designer cards look professional and give your business a smart image. Printing on site saves time and money. No one wants to think that staff are at risk while at work and there is no better way to protect them than with an intelligent, reliable, access control system. Should an incident or a crime take place on your premises, your access control system allows you to isolate certain areas and even track who was in any area at the time.

With tokens and readers instead of locks and keys you say who has access, when they have access and where exactly they can have access to.

  • Simple & Modern, Convenient, Economic, Modern, Secure
  • Complete control
  • Flexible security Why choose access control instead of locks and keys
  • Keeping your building secure
  • Restrict areas to certain groups or individuals, Protect your building
  • Save money on night-time security
  • Flexibility – control who goes where
  • Added security • Flexible control over who goes where • Restrict areas of hazard or danger

Interactive Screens

Along with hotel ID solutions, Infocus create interactive touchscreens that put you in complete control of your lesson or presentation. That’s because our screens are equipped with highly accurate, multi-touch sensor technology that allows multiple users to interact with the screens simultaneously. Infocus touchscreens can be operated using your finger or a stylus. What’s more, the Ultra HD/4K image quality will ensure that your presentations truly wow your audience. Perfect for conference rooms and team meetings.



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Expert in Hotel ID Solutions

Infocus ID Ltd – An award winning card and label printer specialist. Supplying door access, visitor management, ID cards and label printers.
We are the only supplier trusted by the manufacturers’ with our refurbished range.
Infocus ID offer free technical support with our entire range.

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