InFocus ID have moved to a purpose built premises and have a brand new website on its way! InFocus ID have recently moved to a new purpose built warehouse from their old warehouse on an industrial estate that was struggling to cater to the InFocus ID’s ever growing list of customers, products and employees. In this new warehouse they have completely streamlined the way they store and categorise their technology, and have a new workshop where they fix and clean all printers that are brought in by customers using their 20 point inspection technique. InFocus ID are the only used and new printer providers to be an ASP (Authorised Service Provider) meaning that they are an organisation that the manufacturer of a product qualify as clear to service and repair products that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. InFocus’ 20 point inspection is an extremely thorough review of a printer that is brought in on warranty, and allows InFocus’ repair team to determine how worn the components of the printer are and which ones need cleaning or replacing. InFocus ID are also launching their new website towards the end of September/ beginning of October, which is going to boost the customers experience with a more refined and clear showcase of their products and categories, utilising Apache Solr software. The new website will run faster and smoother, whilst being modernised and aesthetically pleasing, making it easier for the user to find what they are specifically looking for, have a browse through InFocus ID’s products, or contact someone from the team about a repair or service for their printer. InFocus ID are a family run company that supply a large range of ID card solutions, from ID card printers to custom lanyards and custom card holders. They are the leading specialist suppliers of factory refurbished, used and new plastic badge and ID card printers, and supply them to schools, clubs, the government, care homes and training companies mainly in the UK and Europe, but more recently in lots of other areas of the world. They are also only one of a handful of companies to be a leading supplier of industrial label printers that have been refurbished, and are the only company with a warranty backed by the original manufacturer. The InFocus team are fully experienced and trained in repairing and cleaning all types of card and badge printers. Hotel ID Solutions