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Wooden World Maps for Hotels

Wooden World Maps for Hotels – Enjoy The Wood

We are a Ukrainian family brand, which creates handcrafted accessories and wooden world maps for hotels. It is a pleasure for us to make the highest quality and creative gifts for you. That’s why you don’t have to worry about anything! We take good care of each item.
Our main benefits are: own production, personalization availability, 100% quality and the happiness of thousands customers worldwide. It`s all about the EnjoyTheWood! Amazing wooden world maps

We create wooden world maps, you enjoy!

This is a family business that started 6 years ago. We have great experience in production of quality products, more than thousands happy customers all over the world and years of experience in international delivery – 100% guarantee that we won’t let you down! In 2018 we successfully founded our first baby project that raised over $100000 – Wooden World Maps on Kickstarter and in 2019 we successfully funded our third project that raised over $500000 – Wooden World Maps and it had a great demand and hundreds of feedbacks were received that really makes us fly.

Wooden World Maps for Hotels – Features

  • Our wooden world maps are protected by International Patent and Copyright Properties.
  • The highest quality!
  • Professionally made by craftsmen from birch plywood.
  • From 5 to 6mm thick (0.2-0.24 inches).
  • NOTICE that colour may be a bit lighter or darker as it’s made of wood.
  • Due to the size some countries and islands are omitted on the map, so it is not geographical.
  • Comes already gift wrapped, ready for gift giving.
  • FREE GIFT! Ocean names, wooden airplanes, boats and compass are included to the package.

Wooden World Maps – Benefits of working with Enjoy The Wood

  • We sold the World’s First Wooden World Maps
  • Patented design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Perfect product for a hotel decor
  • Wholesale prices
  • Personalization (language, projection, extra islands, colors etc.)
  • As well as this, we take full responsibility for our products, for its shipping, delivery. And we would like to mention that our partners are responsible for paying shipment and import taxes.

Wooden World Maps – Personalization

  • We can mark any city or country.
  • You are free to select the language of the map.
  • We can make custom color of the map
  • We can add personalized or important for you islands to the package.
  • Add plane or flag pins to your package to mark cities and courtiers

Wooden Hotel Maps – LED OPTION

  • RGB LED (Neon colors) option, lights that glow in 7 main light options and a couple of its illuminations. You can regulate the brightness of the light using a compact remote control.
  • Тhe lights are behind the continents.
  • Map is placed on the acryl background ready to be placed on the wall. So you just have to place it on the wall and connect.
  • Some of the islands (the smallest) are without acryl background and without light. You will have to stick them with tape. (which is included)
  • Easy installation instruction video. Installation is under 2 hours. You will have to drill the wall and place the map with framing nails.
  • Everything is included. (only for LED option Map)
  • Works on 110V/220V. EU/US electrical plugs are available.


The time we need to prepare an order for shipping (delivery) is 4-8 business days. But usually we are doing everything possible to send your order ASAP. Please NOTICE that we prepare and ship orders on BUSINESS days from Monday to Friday which not includes weekends. Saturday and Sunday are not count as part of shipping days. Also we want you to know that sending or preparing and shipping (delivery) are 2 different processes. And each has its own term.

1. USA:
5-7 business days for all maps (by UPS).
6-8 business days for the rest of the goods (by USPS).

2. EUROPE (to Italy and Spain it takes a little bit more):
– 5-7 business days for all maps (by UPS).
– 12-21 business days for the rest of the goods (by Urkposhta).

3. Canada: 5-7 business days (by UPS).
4. Latin America: 5-7 business days (by UPS).
5.Central America: 5-7 business days (by UPS).
6. Asia: 5-7 business days (by UPS).
7. Australia: 5-7 business days (by UPS).
8. Oceania: 5-7 business days (by UPS).

Notice, if the order is more than 50 units we can offer shipping with cargo, which can reduce shipping costs.






Wooden World Maps for Hotels



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