Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur is a challenging task since there are far too many obligations attached to them, and if fulfilled on time and in the proper manner, one might become overwhelmed by the weight of these tasks. Therefore, if you peruse the personal profiles of the most successful entrepreneurs, you will discover that it takes certain unique qualities to succeed in running a business.

To begin, almost all entrepreneurs are knowledgeable in their specific sectors. To further explain this, Bill Gates could not have built Microsoft into a financial empire without being well-versed in software development. Successful entrepreneurs have unrivaled endurance, and their creative intellect always takes a chance to tap into something new to supply clients with new reasons to stay hooked on their brand. We know that such entrepreneurs are few and far between, which is why we chose some of the top entrepreneurs in 2022 for you. You can view their detailed profiles below:


1. Lauren Gropper

Lauren Gropper is the founder and CEO of Repurpose, a consumer packaged goods company that manufactures plant-based disposables for the retail market. It is the market leader in compostable household products – a one-of-a-kind female-founded company on a quest to eliminate plastic pollution. Lauren encourages prospective entrepreneurs to remain tenacious and persevere when attempting to achieve a goal, particularly when that objective is to rescue the planet.

Always wanting to make a difference in the world led Lauren to a career in sustainable design. She aspired to be a force for good and positivity; nothing beats having a greener, safer planet for future generations. Repurpose, like many other eco-friendly brands, processes its materials in ways that emit fewer greenhouse gasses and hazardous chemicals into the environment than traditional plastic and paper. The company is unique because it uses repurposed, renewable materials to make sturdy, leak-proof biodegradable dinnerware.

In addition to Repurpose, Lauren is also the co-founder of Minimal Productions, a business that provides environmental consultancy, and a founding partner of SHFT.com, a platform dedicated to environmental media founded by well-known American actor Adrian Grenier. Lauren’s goal is to establish Repurpose as the go-to brand for disposable tableware in general, bringing down companies like Solo and Hefty, which are responsible for massive amounts of plastic pollution.

Additionally, Lauren emphasizes the significance of treating one another with the utmost respect and compassion because doing so can result in happiness at its highest level. She goes on to say that we need to have a more profound regard for our environment, be more aware of how our activities affect it negatively, and invest in more cooperation and less inequality.


2. Talissa Triffitt

Talissa Triffitt is the CEO and Founder of Made to Milk – a lactation support business best known for its delicious lactation cookies and products designed to nourish breastfeeding mums. Started in early 2017, Made to Milk has come along leaps and bounds to become Australia’s most trusted and favorite lactation product destination. Along with growing Made to Milk into a seven-figure business, Talissa’s notable achievements include Emerging Ausmumpreneur of the Year Finalist 2018, Hunter Business Awards – Rising Star Finalist 2018, Australian Small Business Champion Awards finalist 2021 & 2022, and Australian Women’s Champion Awards – Influential Woman Finalist 2022.

“My vision has always been to empower mums to breastfeed with confidence,” says Talissa.

It was Talissa’s traumatic breastfeeding experience, when the birth of her daughter Milly, that led to the foundation of Made to Milk. Amidst poor milk supply, bleeding nipples, and many other issues, Talissa found solace in baking lactation cookies to support her breastfeeding supply. Seeing the incredible results, she hopped on a journey to help mums struggling with similar issues. Fast forward to 2022, Made to Milk has transitioned into a multi-million dollar business, supplying lactation cookies and products to more than 50,000 mothers.

According to Talissa, it is essential to create incredible products that let mothers breastfeed confidently and without any stress of less supply. The post-partum journey can be painful and traumatic for some; that’s why Talissa aims to continue to help out in any way she can.


3. Duncan Wardle

As the Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, Duncan Wardle helped teams at Disney Park, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Imagineering, and Animation to innovate, creating magical new storylines and amazing experiences for consumers around the globe.

After 25 years with Disney, Duncan recently founded his own company iD8 Studio, to help organizations embed a culture of innovation into everyone’s DNA by giving them a toolkit that makes innovation easy, creatively tangible, and the process is fun.

He is now one of the world’s most sought-after speakers on innovation and creativity, delivering a series of keynotes, masterclasses, and ideation forums that help people capture unlikely connections, leading to both disruptive thinking and revolutionary ideas.

He is a multiple TEDx speaker and frequent contributor to Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and Forbes. He also teaches Innovation and Creativity Masterclasses at Harvard and Yale Universities. Duncan holds the American Citizen Award, presented at the White House, an Honorary Doctorate from Edinburgh University, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award, presented by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.


4. Jeanna Kotenko

Jeanna Kotenko, owner of G. Bar Beauty Salon in Beverly Hills, is a successful female business owner. She is originally from Ukraine but came to settle in the United States in 2016. She’s a fantastic mother to two boys who built her own company during the most challenging period of Covid and managed to construct a rapidly developing community with the best treatment standards. Along with being a female entrepreneur, she stands out in her sense of style, which is something she is frequently complimented on.

Her quest for the highest quality, service, and competence led her to open the top beauty shop in Los Angeles. G. Bar is a one-stop shop for everything related to beauty. They are a full-service salon that provides treatments including braiding, nails, brows, and makeup in addition to blowouts, cuts, and colors. Born in Ukraine, G. Bar is one of Europe’s most extensive networks of beauty salons. They provide the most sought-after beauty services in Ukraine and worldwide. Thousands of customers visit G.Bar each year and leave as lifelong patrons.

In addition, Jeanna has a reputation as one of Kyiv’s most inventive entrepreneurs. Her career path allowed her to explore new innovative prospects during her life in Ukraine, including creating the successful jewelry brand “Jealous Jewelry.” Her current venture, G. bar, distinguishes itself from other salons by providing each client with complete grooming services in one spot. They thrive on seeing their customers leave G. bar satisfied and revitalized.

In the future, Jeanna hopes to establish a community of like-minded women who desire to take a respite from their hectic schedules and enjoy a comprehensive range of beauty services in a posh setting. She would also love seeing celebrities, influencers, well-known businesswomen, and other media-related ladies take advantage of their services.


5. Dr. Saacha Spade

Dr. Saacha Spade is a powerful, thought-provoking leader and change-maker who knows better than most the true meaning of the word adversity. Being raised in a stable and integral environment prepared her for the hardships that would come with not fitting into this reality while being a single mother of two children.

As someone who committed to providing for her children as if there were a two-parent household, she realized that as the sole provider of her family, she would not always be around to ensure their support. This realization inspired her to seek strategies she could implement which would continually provide for those she was responsible for long after she transitioned from this life.

Dr. Spade is currently the founder of multiple businesses focused on providing solutions for the master-minded individual committed to taking control over their reality. Her passion project, The Level Up Legacy Challenge, aims to help millions of families leave a legacy for their heirs.

Through this venture, which was founded in August 2021, Dr. Saacha Spade provides each family with immediate assets and the ability to pass generational wealth to the children they will never meet. The Level Up Legacy package consists of a Bulletproof Legacy Private Trust, 10 troy ounces of silver, and a parcel of land under a ½ acre. Additionally, she ensures that each Trustee is knowledgeable about the responsibility to be a good steward by teaching them how to be a strategic and wise Trustee through her 12-week course, Trusteeism.

In a little over a year, Dr. Spade has helped over 1,000 families (primarily African Americans) acquire assets that once suffered from severe economic disadvantages and lacked the knowledge to leverage the game of commerce for their benefit. Her ultimate goal is to help 1,000,000 families of color by providing them with the necessary tools to build and pass generational wealth and help them to become good stewards who manage enough generational wealth to support their predecessors for generations to come.

Known as one of the top leaders of New Thought and a social media Influencer, Dr. Saacha Spade has shifted the consciousness of thousands of people within the United States and abroad regarding their true identity, stewardship, and living a purposeful life. She currently holds a PhD in metaphysics, an honorary doctorate in philosophy and entrepreneurship and has a clientele ranging from high networth individuals down to those in low-income families looking to create a better reality. She has been featured in many notable publications, including Fox, Digital Journal, Market Watch, and WRDE. She was fortunate to be awarded the Women of Distinction Award by the United Nations Global Women Foundation.

For more information, visit The Level Up Legacy Challenge. If you would like to sponsor a family or contribute to the cause, please visit The Level Up Legacy Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization established to provide grants to those families who would not be able to participate.


6. Carrie Drinkwine

A regenerative health practitioner and success coach, Carrie Drinkwine is the owner and founder of the Institute Of Regenerative Health. This prestigious institute is one of the pioneers in training practitioners to get to the underlying cause of sickness and avoid chronic illness. With her holistic approach, Carrie hopes to bring about a paradigm shift in both business and health. She truly wants to support others in thriving on all fronts – physically, emotionally, and financially. She is passionate about empowering individuals to recover from their ailments, allowing them to live extraordinary lives filled with potential while enhancing their general well-being.

In addition to that, Carrie also owns and operates Wise Wellness Clinic, a holistic clinic that helps individuals naturally reverse chronic and acute diseases. Her diagnosis of three autoimmune disorders and “unexplained infertility” motivated her to launch this company. She knew in her bones that there had to be a natural way to repair her condition. So she set out to cure her body, and after years of experimenting with various techniques, she, fortunately, discovered the remedy through regenerative detoxification. Carrie then became certified as a Regenerative Detox Specialist, clinical iridologist, and clinical herbalist. Years of study developed her private practice and now the Institute she runs.

Carrie aims to spread the hope of regenerative health and aspires to develop a multimillion-dollar company dedicated to improving the world. She also hopes to provide all inner-city and underfunded schools with clean water and organic food. It pains her heart to see the extent of disease in communities where people do not have access or the means to consume authentic organic food. Additionally, Carrie wishes to donate a substantial sum of money to help rehabilitate the soil on the planet so that no child will ever experience starvation. “This is the first generation in which our children are not anticipated to outlive their parents,” she says, “and I want to do everything I can to help turn this around.”

In addition to that, she is also dedicated to supporting women in establishing long-term wealth for future generations. She believes that there are methods for people to make a significant contribution and earn a good living without inflicting harm. Carrie is confident that money and power in the right hands can improve the world.


7. Thomas Fuks

Thomas Fuks is the founder, CEO, and co-owner of Namaste hospitality group, which owns Members, a lounge/restaurant on Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, that serves Mediterranean food and provides customers with a sensuously exotic experience. Members debuted as Los Angeles’ only fully open-air lounge in the summer of 2020. It is currently housed in the building that formerly occupied a Moroccan culinary institution with four decades of excellence; however, Members has gained a devoted following purely because of its excellent services and authentic vibes.

Hailing from Paris, France, Thomas relocated to Switzerland to study hospitality management before moving to New York City for four years until finally settling in Los Angeles. He is a food connoisseur and has been a DJ for over 12 years. He had always had a business mind, so he never selected a 9 to 5 job career. As a successful restauranteur, Thomas takes delight in thinking beyond the box. His strengths include originality, sensitivity, harmony, and positivism, believing that a strong mindset may assist anyone in moving forward regardless of circumstances.

Opening a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic was risky. Still, Thomas wanted to embrace the unknown and help others cope with the stress of the monumental changes that occurred during Covid. Members offers a holistic approach – fusing wellness, music, entertainment, and cuisine into a one-of-a-kind experience. It is a festive restaurant that turns into a nightclub through the night. In addition to exceptional cuisine, it features exotic entertainers like belly dancers, show performers, a live DJ, magicians, and shamans, providing healing in a secret room.

Thomas is all about wellness, fantastic food, and a vibrant lifestyle. As someone who has always been passionate about food, music, and people, Thomas has a vision; he intends to offer an unforgettable experience for guests in a distinctive setting. In his own words, “We want our consumers to come and celebrate life with us.” He is also opening “Amour,” a new restaurant in West Hollywood that will serve delectable French cuisine and an exclusive private, under-the-radar celebrity lounge – a secret nightlife destination on Sunset Blvd in early 2023.


8. Laura Catella

Laura Catella is an eight-figure copywriter, million-dollar business owner, and transformational development coach. She is the founder of Diamond Day Mastermind, a community for ambitious business owners who recognize the importance of mindset mastery and personal development in moving forward and succeeding.

Unlike other mastermind events, what distinguishes Diamond Day is its ability to integrate the strategies that can help expand your business and brand while also focusing on the things stored in our brains and our attitude that impede us from taking the actions required to attain the goals that we have.

Hailing from Staten Island, Laura learned how to make money online as a humble youngster who Googled the phrase “how to make money online” in 2008. She went from clearing the 6-figure mark as a freelance copywriter to founding her own beauty brand, Eden Beauty, which hit 7-figures in its first year of operation. Laura is currently regarded as one of the top mindset coaches in the industry and supports ambitious business owners through her Diamond Day brand’s courses, community, and experiences.

Program participants have referred to Laura as a force of nature; they describe her as the most kind, effective, assertive action-taker who is determined to ensure that you follow through on your commitments. Laura’s sales letters are successful due to her unique combination of emotional, hard-hitting content and hypnotic brand messaging. While many have described their success as “magic,” Laura’s mentees experience dependable and predictable results, including an exponential increase in their income, confidence, clarity, and authoritative status.

The Diamond Day experience lasts 4 days, and Laura promises to hold her mentees’ hands and guide them personally through her Diamond Process. And she will do everything it takes to help you advance in your profession. Laura hopes to continue growing Diamond Day, ensuring it becomes the best live event experience for entrepreneurs who want to excel and get to the next level of excellence.


9. Rafa Martinez

Rafael Martinez is a trading mogul with a rich portfolio of successful companies under his wing. He is the principal and investor/founder of brands such as Maximo Capital, RAFA Motorsports and RAFA Racing Club, sphere, Random Golf Club, and Nine Banded Whiskey. Being involved in so many diverse businesses may seem overwhelming for anyone. Rafa, on the other hand, illustrates every day that anything is possible if you are consistent in your efforts and can persevere when faced with ambiguities – the sky is the limit for those who believe in themselves.

At 12, Rafa relocated to Houston after spending his formative years in his birthplace, El Salvador. Being a member of an immigrant family was challenging because he was unfamiliar with the language and culture of the USA. Furthermore, coming from a region with a collapsing economy and social upheaval following the civil war in the late 1980s and early 1990s was already unsettling. Regardless of the circumstances, Rafa adapted to his new surroundings, getting his Bachelor’s and Master of Science in Finance from the University of Houston to launch his career as an entrepreneur, trader, and investor.

Currently, Rafa is a partner at a major global commodity trading company and has earned a reputation in the natural gas sector. His professional background includes ownership and investment in various businesses and innovative startups. Before venturing into the racing world, he had always been a tremendous enthusiast and avid supercar collector. He is a true fanatic, relishing the excitement of driving the automobiles in his fleet, which includes a Hennessey Venom F5, McLaren P1 and Senna, Ford GT, and others. Furthermore, Rafa took his McLaren 600LT to the track in April 2021 for the first time and is hoping to compete in the US and European GT4 racing competitions soon.

In the future, Rafa aspires to develop a game-changing investment model for lifestyle businesses within the social sports community, linking people and networks to make sports and brands more accessible to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic standing. Additionally, he wants to keep developing real estate and worldwide brands that influence millions of people, transforming lives by emphasizing community, fitness, health, camaraderie, inclusion, and respect for others.


10. Tessa Luu

Tessa Luu, the founder of Inside Stores, has experienced every challenge that a small business owner could face. Despite facing obstacles such as the 9/11 attacks, the dotcom crash, the Great Recession, and a contentious legal battle with an ex-CEO, Tessa has not only managed to keep her company afloat but has also helped it thrive. Inside Stores is a designer e-commerce store that sells luxury fabrics and wallpapers to both consumers and trade clients. It has become a favorite among designers and consumers alike due to its unique offerings that cannot be found on Amazon and are hard to come by elsewhere.

Tessa attributes the company’s resilience to her immigrant upbringing, a can-do attitude, and her ability to adapt to change. According to Tessa, learning from each mistake is the key to turning things around and keeping the company thriving. This mindset has allowed Inside Stores to expand rapidly overseas, with offices in Mexico City serving the Latin American market and Madrid and Spain serving the European market, the company’s fastest-growing geographic sector. Despite starting as a small business, Tessa Luu has established herself as a successful and respected entrepreneur in the industry thanks to her perseverance and determination.