100% natural and 100% recyclable, our non-toxic mattresses have no negative environmental or health impacts and they comply fully with the Stockholm Convention. 

Made in the UK using traditional hand crafting techniques and locally sourced wool they do not require end-of-life incineration (and labelled as such), our mattresses will help hoteliers advance on their sustainability journey to net positive hospitality.

Sleep Confidence – Natural Safety

Wool is naturally a great material for fire safety and safety is our priority, which is why we avoid the fire retardant toxic chemicals that are used in memory foam mattresses to help them achieve fire safety standards.

Our Cottonsafe® fabric is manufactured in the UK using organic cotton and pure wool, knitted together it surpasses the requirement CRIB 5 UK Fire Regulations.

When you purchase Cottonsafe® mattresses, you’ll know it’s non-toxic, made in the UK, and backed with up to 9 Years Limited Warranty, to ensure craftsmanship, quality, and safety you can count on.

Durability – Long Live Wool!

Wool has a unique in its natural fibre construction, and it is this unique shape that helps it to retain the shape and loft of a wool mattress for longer, providing long-lasting durability and comfort.

Unique Comfort

The high-quality wool in our Cottonsafe® Opulence Hotel Natural Mattress is naturally flexible, with the fibres allowing for stretch and loft. Soft enough to be cosy, but firm enough to support it is designed to relieve pressure points for tired back aches and pains.

Temperature Regulating 

Wool is great at wicking moisture and is a natural insulator. With our built-in cotton top this breathable surface offers your guests the most comfortable and temperature regulating sleep environment.