A little something for you to consider…

What do you think about when you hear the words ” 5* hotel ” ?

Premium dining? A personalised service? Designated concierge?

Or, do you consider the location? Exceptional customer care? Luxury decor


Why does the furnishing and decoration of a room matter?

Research suggests that the decor within a room can effect peoples emotions and contribute to their overall mood. Adding colour, warmth, personality and character to a room can transform a simple space into something more special. 

What Do Guests Look For When Choosing A Hotel?

What do your guests consider to be ”standard” when checking into your hotel?

Imagine checking into a luxury hotel and being handed the key card.

Are they walking along bare corridors to their room? Or, do you envisage a gallery of luxury artwork as they pass through your corridors.

Upon entering their bedroom, are they entering a sterile and simple space or a welcoming, comfortable and homely environment? Do your bedrooms have framed artwork of images taken in the local area? Perhaps your rooms have a more contemporary feel and abstracts have been chosen to compliment each room.

There is no denying that each individual has their own expectations when choosing a hotel that is right for them. However, we feel that there are certain ”must haves” that all hotels should provide.

Why are people staying in your hotel?

Is it for work purposes?

Are they having a mini break with family or friends?

Whatever their reason and however long their stay, your hotel is their ‘home’ for the duration of their visit. Therefore, it is important that the artwork on the walls makes as much of an impression as the comfort of the bed or the service provided.

And who better to assist you than M&M Artwork & Mirrors.

Our team have been in the picture framing industry for over 30 years and we love nothing more than being involved in the ever evolving world of wall artwork and mirrors.

Art has a purpose!

Whether you see art as a colorful serenity or a conversion of imagination to reality, art provides individuals with the opportunity to be immersed in unlimited creativity and thinking.

The artwork industry is continuously changing and evolving and M&M Artwork & Mirrors are at the forefront of supplying hotels with artwork and mirrors to compliment the latest trends and fashions.

Framed Prints

We have an extensive range of prints within our catalogue that we print here on site. We are equipped to print artwork to whatever size is required by our client, as well as having the equipment needed to mount and frame the images chosen. From Abstracts to Landscapes , to Fashion or Botanical, we have 1000s of images within our collections. Our experienced team are always on hand to help to you find the perfect picture.


We produce high quality canvas wall art that is very popular within the hotel industry. Whether canvas art is added into a bedroom or used as a feature within Reception, our canvas art will blow your mind. Clients sometimes choose images from our catalogue that we print onto canvas, alternatively we work with local artists to design, produce and commission bespoke canvas art.


Mirror Mirrors on the wall, who is best at providing them all?

M&M Artwork & Mirrors have an extensive range of mirrors that we supply and install to hotels, wherever that may be. Our team have over 30 years experience installing artwork and mirrors and work efficiently to ensure the perfect finish.

Please get in touch and speak to a member of our team who will help you to catch a glimpse of the beautiful mirrors that we supply to hotels throughout the UK.

M&M Artwork & Mirrors : Providing Artwork and Enhancing Environments !