20-24th August was World Water Week.  The theme was Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World.

At Washbot, we love water.  Specifically, we love gentle cleansing with water.   We also love protecting our water supply.  And we love innovation.  Using a Washbot Smart Toilet can help to reduce our consumption of toilet paper;  this can not only help reduce deforestation, but also save the usage of water in the paper manufacturing process.   Decreasing the amount of toilet paper, and even worse wet-wipes, which are flushed down our toilets can go a long way to reducing to reducing the fatbergs clogging up our sewer systems.

Washbot Smart Toilets are WRAS and KUKReg4 approved – an assurance of both product quality, and an attestation that all Washbot models are equipped with fluid category 5 back-flow prevention to prevent contamination and pollution into the public water supply.  During the pandemic, traces of Covid-19 were detected in the water supply in several major cities around the world.

Warm washing with water is hygienic, leaving the user refreshed and revitalised.   The Washbot has an adjustable nozzle offering differing angles of spray, together with a variety of pressure and temperature settings to provide the ultimate in comfort.   The drying function reduces usage of toilet paper, and the heated seat keeps you warm on those cold winter mornings.