Making Parkhurst cool again” is what one resident said happily. Well, the truth is 4th Street is full of culture and embodies a vibrant lifestyle with patrons who enjoy socialising, food and design. The area is surrounded by great restaurants and interior design stores, and while 4th Street might not have been the obvious place one would expect Wolkberg to be, it is more suited to their showroom style than you might think.

The showroom is meant to be a space for Wolkberg’s community to visit with clients or by themselves to enjoy, be inspired and perhaps buy some products.

Since inception “Wolksters” have been trekking all the way out, down a little dirt road to an unassuming plot in Ruimsig, which is Wolkberg’s studio/workshop/factory. It was not glamorous; however, always inspiring to be “in the thick of” its design and manufacturing. They wanted a showroom to honour that experience in a more elevated way.

The showroom is home to Wolkberg’s new Podcast called “In the thick of Design” hosted by co-founder Ramielle De Jager, where she will highlight and interview industry gurus and mainly to shine a spotlight on Industrial Design, and how all the design disciplines can and do work in synergy. A place where students, young designers and aspiring design entrepreneurs can immerse themselves in the design lifestyle – a place where it all starts to make sense.

The interior design style takes its lead from 20th century design, leaning towards 70s aesthetic and
counterpoints current design style by highlighting the use of their 4-star Eco Label Limesite Tiles,
Surfaces and furniture.

The kitchen is one to marvel over and be used! Wolkberg will host chefs and invite people to experience the kitchen in action. The walls that are not adorned with Wolkberg’s products were done in a Pandoma finish by Paintsmith, Kramerville.

The shopfront is a thoughtful design that leaves space for seasonal styling or highlighting an art piece, or another artist’s work. Being a self-funded entrepreneurial business that has innovated and
made it this far, they feel honoured to be able to uplift others starting out and show them the way with empathy and enthusiasm.

Wolkberg will soon be launching a new range of home accessories that will be available for sale at the showroom, alongside many new furniture pieces. The showroom will also be a launchpad for
new products going forward.

For more information, please contact Wolkberg Casting Studios:
Tel: +27 71 506 4829
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.wolkberg.com