Wildsmith Skin is a beautiful British brand of clinically proven, natural skincare, uncompromisingly committed to proven efficacy, biodynamic farming, and sustainable packaging. Everything you need for the perfect SPA feeling, not only in your hotel SPA.

Brand Story:

Wildsmith Skin started with a walk through the woods, and the name is taken from William Walker Wildsmith, a pioneering 19th century horticulturalist who planted the grounds of the Heckfield Estate in Hampshire, England. Created in this beautiful part of the world for the Bothy, the Wilsdmith Spa, it resulted in leading skincare technology.

Radical Botany – Made by many, powered by Plants, measured by Science:

Scientists, Scrutinists, Skin Experts, Perfumers, Horticulturaists worked together with their hands, minds and ideas to create a clinically proven natural skincare range for a healthy and beautiful skin. Its a blend of plant-derived and nutrient-rich botanicals, powered with the latest bioactives, that has been proven effective through rigorous laboratory clinical trials. The result is highly effective, sustainable skincare that supports and transforms skin health. For guests who demand natural products with evidence-based results.



Sustainable materials:

Wildsmith Skin is committed to working in harmony with the ecosystems from which they benefit. It is one of the first luxury beauty brands to use British-grown compostable mycelium packaging, fully compostable in 90 days. Its glass and aluminum packaging can be endlessly recycled without loss of quality.




Wildsmith wellness:

Wildsmith is not only offering natural, sustainable products but has a complete wellness philosophy that includes: RADICAL BOTANY TREATMENTS, MINDFUL MOVEMENT, FOOD AS MEDICINE, EDUCATION.

Their team of world-class practitioners have created a framework of treatment principles. They enable therapists to become aligned to their guest’s well-being and create intuitive treatments with the best possible results for a complete approach to skin health.

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About boté cosmetics:

boté cosmetics stand for a passion for the extraordinary, combined with an affinity for sustainable hotel cosmetics, luxury gifting for hotels and lifestyle brands. As an extremely service-oriented distributor, they only supply brands that live up to their high values and standards. Sustainability, the use of predominantly natural ingredients, tested quality, effectiveness of the products, and beautiful design are key not just for them, but for most customers nowadays. With two sustainable skin care brands – WILDSMITH SKIN from Great Britain and LAGALENE MILANO from Italy – and the natural candles & diffusers from their brand CÔTÉ BOUGIE from Morocco they offer the perfect hotel products to let your guests feel the high quality of your hotel and to make them feel welcome and refreshed.

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