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Why Your Next Fryer Should Be a Valentine!


Valentine Equipment Ltd are recognised across the UK and Ireland as suppliers of an outstanding range of freestanding, built-in and table-top fryers. With over 60 years of experience, Valentine are known for their innovative design and Swiss build quality, with their fryers used by leading restaurants, pub chains and diverse foodservice operations to deliver consistently great food.

With Valentine fryers often providing more than 30 years of service, it’s easy to see why Valentine remains at the forefront of the fryer industry. However, recognising the longevity of this key cooking equipment is just the start of understanding why you could be better off buying Valentine.

When choosing the right fryer for your kitchen, product output is often at the top of the list of important features. At Valentine, we understand that a larger tank capacity does not always equate to a higher product output… in fact, we pride ourselves in the high output to oil ratio provided by our fryers. With a specially designed smaller “cool zone” compared to other leading brands, oil usage can be significantly lower, reducing your costs whilst maximising product output.

The Valentine team have recently developed a simple fryer comparison tool which allows you to compare the many benefits of purchasing a new Valentine fryer against other fryer brands. By comparing initial cost, footprint, warranty, oil usage and product output of similar high-quality brands, over a 5-year term, we’re confident that you will soon recognise why your next fryer should be a Valentine!

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