Why ZoonEx?

Protecting your guests health has never been more important and while the obvious relaxing spa’s and treatment rooms, dreamy views and opportunities to distract and unwind will all contribute to the experience, its the things that cannot necessarily be seen that will ultimately provide the building blocks to that holistic experience. This is where the ZoonEx System plays its part.

ZoonEx Systems, ‘helping to provide cleaner air’, was the brain child of Tim Jonck back in 2003. Initially borne through his own desire, as a mechanical engineer, to cut both time and costs when it came to maintaining air conditioning units, it spent the next 18 years waiting for an opportunity to come ‘off the shelf’, and has now made its way to the indoor air quality (IAQ) space brought to prominence through a combination of the COVID – 19 pandemic, and the calls for businesses to provide much improved IAQ for their employees. Roll this on to March 2023 and a mere 2 years after launching, the ZoonEx System is now installed in headline buildings in the Westend’s smart Mayfair district.

How does the system work?

Installed either in the ductwork immediately after the air handling unit (AHU) or in the AHU itself, it uses ultra sonic sound waves to dispense an anti microbial coating into the duct work that will not only help to reduce odours that are moved around buildings, but more importantly treat the duct work with a coating that remains on the duct work surfaces and deactivate/ kill* bacteria and viruses for a prolonged period of time.

The system runs for approximately 5 hours, ideally through the night, every 21 – 30 days, and can be controlled manually, or remotely via smart phone or smart watch.

Would I need to replace my entire a/c system?

No. The system can be retrofitted to any existing system or if you are in the planning stages of a new build or refit, it can be bespoke designed to your requirements. The size of the unit(s) or number of units required is determined by the floor space being serviced by the AHU and the diameter of the ductwork that it will be delivered through.

Will I need to spend more on servicing?

No. Once installed the system will only need to be checked annually as part of the ZoonEx testing regime to ensure that the coating remains present and that the required liquid is continuing to be used. The beauty of the system is that by its very nature it will maintain the cleanliness of your ductwork. The normal filter changes will take place and if you require, they can be replaced with ZoonEx treated filters**.

  • *The system has passed the EN17272 for medical disinfection
  • **ZoonEx treated filters do not come as part of the ZoonEx System. These are sold separately.