Has keeping your facility’s flooring clean and clear of debris always been a struggle? Traditional cleaning tools, such as brooms and dustpans take a significant amount of time and effort. So, by using floor sweepers to clean the floors in your facility you can save time and labour.

Floor push sweepers are a fast and convenient alternative to sweeping all the litter, leaves and other debris. The sweeper machine is able to remove quickly and effortlessly even the finest dust and large debris from any surface. Below, we’ll go through why you need an industrial floor sweeper in your facilities, other than the benefit of time and labour savings.

Remove Dirt Efficiently

Did you know that a regular brush cannot remove fine dust completely? With a traditional cleaning tool like a broom, you will only distribute and dispense dirt and fine particles from one area of the floor to another.

Our Haaga’s floor walk behind sweepers are efficient and sweep floors at least ten times faster than a broom.  It can be used indoors and outdoors on wet and dry debris, simplifying the task of cleaning your facility. With the help of its three primary brushes – two in front and one underneath. The floor sweeper is able to thoroughly clean the floor, collecting all the fine dirt and debris. The brushes contain standard long bristles that are three times harder. Their purpose is to loosen and sweep wet and dry waste. Also, the long bristle brushes in the sweeper ensure thorough cleaning even on edge. The large debris container prevents stopping during cleaning to empty it, reducing downtime.

Floor sweepers are frequently used to remove challenging, stuck-on debris in industrial settings. There is no limit to the types of surface that a sweeper can clean: hard floors, concrete, asphalt, resilient, plastic etc.

Saving Money

Traditional cleaning methods may make you believe that you are saving money, but this is untrue. A large warehouse, corridor, or banquet space requires more than one person to clean. In actuality, you’ll be spending a lot of money if you pay them by the hour. Additional, if time is of the essence, you will need the hiring many people to complete the cleaning task.

It will take less time, be more effective, and cost you less money if you have one staff with the floor sweeper. Also, you’re protecting that employee from any unnecessary strain or injury.

Yes, purchasing an industrial sweeper will be expensive, but you’ll end up saving in the long haul. Think about how ineffective the broom and mop actually are and how your facility isn’t truly as clean as it might be. It’s time to invest in a simple, effective solution that can completely change the way your business cleans.

Types of Floor Sweepers. Manual Vs Battery

Manual sweepers are simple with no complicated components or controls. Manual push sweepers are simple to use, don’t need the power to function, and are simple to maintain. Are you getting a sweeper for a busy place such as a café or an office? A manual sweeper is a greater option!

Battery-powered floor sweepers are a little more complex and must be charged between usage. A battery-powered sweeper is your best alternative if you want extra power and efficacy from your sweeper.

Advanced Features

Various function is available to you depending on the Haaga floor sweeper you choose.

Some are the sweeper features include:

Edge sweeping – Ideal for removing dirt and debris from edges and corners.

Hand-held functionality – Suitable for smaller spaces and detachable from the main unit.

Swivel – With a swivel feature, cleaning your areas is now simpler than ever.

Folding ability – Invest in a sweeper that is simple to fold up and store away until you need it again to save storage space.

Take a look at our selection of industrial floor cleaning machines that could assist in cleaning your facility.