As the demand for sustainable hotels increase around the world, so does sustainable hotel amenities. Still, you might wonder why your property should invest in this.

There are numerous reasons for this!

First of all, embracing sustainable hotel amenities will not only highlight your hotel’s green profile and environmental stand point (which is also a great way to brand your property!), they’re also attracting a well-informed clientele. A clientele we like to call “the travelers of the future”.

In the beginning, the initial investment may be higher, but the benefits will more than compensate for the costs over time. Or put in other words; choosing green doesn’t only appeal to guests; it also directly benefits your hotel in the long run.

The Pandemic has heightened the awareness around sustainability, and in many ways it has served as a catalyst for changing consumer patterns – one of these being thinking more about the environment when traveling and choosing hotels.

If your property hasn’t gone green yet, now is the time!

Here are four specific reasons to invest in sustainable hotel amenities:

🍃 They help protect the environment 
at iLoveEcoEssentials, we produce bottles made from plastic waste and bamboo, which is known to be highly sustainable. Plastic pollution is one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues, so committing to reduce this should be high on any eco hotel’s agenda.

🍃 They ensure guest satisfaction through quality
If the products you present to your guests are both of high quality and sustainable, you’re doing yourself a favour. Guests satisfaction is always the most important factor for a hotel. Give your guests another reason to return soon again by pampering them with quality amenities. 

🍃 They let your guests enjoy their stay with a clean conscience
The traveler of the future is environmentally aware and demand a certain level of commitment from their favourite hotels to engage in sustainable practices. Your amenities is a great place to start! Let your guests enjoy their stay with good conscience all throughout their stay by providing them with clean amenities that they’d even love to take home!

🍃 They highlight your hotel’s green profile and gives you credibility
Sustainable hotel amenities is becoming a hot topic – not only because they’re necessary, but because they’re underlining your commitment to the environment. That makes your hotel credible and worth supporting in the eyes of your guests.

Want to know more about sustainable hotel amenities?

iLoveEcoEssentials is a high-quality amenity brand for the hotel’s of tomorrow. Our range of products are natural and organic, chic and sustainable. We turn hotel amenities into an actual profit for hotels. To find out how – and read more about our brand – visit us on www.iloveecoessentials.com.