Dispensing Shower Liquids from single use small bottle or throw-away cartridges just isn’t good enough.

By now, everybody realises that tiny, single-use shower amenity plastic bottles are an inconvenient disaster for your guests and a waste-stream, environmental disaster for the planet. But throw-away small bottles or cartridges of shower liquids are not the solution. Dispenser Amenities are the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of superior quality, refillable, locking, tamper-proof Shower Dispenser Fixtures, designed for the hospitality industry. With millions of chambers in service, these
fixtures are perfect for your guests and best for the reduction of plastic bottle waste.

Think about THE WASTE!

How much waste is generated by a 300-room hotel every year?
Based on an annual 70% occupancy this your wastage figures

153,300 bars of hardly used soap & wrappers
153,300 little bottles of hardly used liquids (on average 70-85% of the liquid is left in the bottle)
= 1’018 gallons or 3’853 Litres of wasted liquids a year

Think About WASTAGE but what about the cost!

Moving to quality dispensers 
– Increases your ROI
– Continued use of individually packaged amenities, is not PROFITABLE! (Only for Manufacturers & Liquid Suppliers)
– The wasted product additional costs to remove the plastic/landfill waste. Do you know that 95% of amenity bottles are thrown into Landfill because you cannot recycle Bottles if there is still liquid inside ….and no one washes them out.

– Instant Reduction of Plastic Waste
– Reduced carbon footprint from packaging and manufacturing
– No waste of partially used liquids or soaps

– Reduced transportation of small packages
– BILLIONS of single use / non-reusable plastic amenity containers & liquids eliminated from Landfills & Oceans every year reducing our Environmental impact
– A Green Environmental message sent out to your customers

Thus, continued use of individually packaged amenities, is both neither SUSTAINABLE nor PROFITABLE!

With the change in the economic climate over the past several years, hotels are exploring all means to save money as well as improve the Guest convenience, and Guest Satisfaction Scores

Guest are demanding US to be more efficient with waste within hospitality.

An investment in quality and durability that delivers savings every day, in every way especially if you use a dispenser that has patented pumps and valves to distribute exactly 2mls every time (excl SOLera)

Choose one, two or three chamber Dispensers in a variety of beautiful designs and finishes. Chambers can be custom labelled to feature your property or your choice of liquid products. Wonderful quality liquids are widely available in bulk sizes with many manufacturers now saying that they will only produce their products in large sizes. Large sizes deliver immense savings of up to 70%.

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