Cannabidiol has become extremely popular in recent times and continues to grow in popularity, you can find it in different forms: classic CBD flowers, resins, edible oils, CBD creams or incorporated in other ways. CBD edibles are now available online, in speciality CBD stores, and even in some cafes and restaurants. They provide you with relaxing, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits, all without any risk. In France as well as throughout Europe, the marketing of CBD-based food products containing a lower rate of 0.3% THC is legal.

Whether you buy finished CBD products or incorporate them directly into your plate, you will have a unique culinary experience, especially in terms of flavours. Different questions arise, the most important of which revolve around the effects of CBD on the body. As far as you are concerned, do you buy industrial products or create your own recipes? Cooking with CBD flowers has a distinct taste, it mostly depends on the amount of CBD edibles used. For example, if you select a very fragrant bouquet of CBD flowers, their flavour will be very pronounced. But rest assured, the relaxing effect is still there!

Dietary CBD: a powerful anti-inflammatory

CBD is an active ingredient with significant anti-inflammatory effects. This applies to all cannabinoids. This is why CBD is a popular dietary supplement for athletes as well as aspiring athletes, providing pain relief for their muscles and joints. CBD is now commonly prescribed as part of medical treatments to relieve inflammation.

Likewise, people with chronic inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis can use cannabidiol to relieve and prevent them. Cannabidiol can also be combined with other dietary supplements such as ginseng which can be used to treat inflammation. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can also reduce joint pain associated with rheumatism. Studies have shown that cannabidiol helps slow and reduce joint destruction.

Relieving pain with edible CBD

Research has shown that cannabidiol is as effective as conventional pain relievers in relieving feelings of pain for a short time. According to these studies, dietary CBD has very significant analgesic and tranquilizing effects. The CBD molecule will act directly on the nerve endings to help the body no longer feel pain.

To stimulate the cannabinoid system

In addition to preventing and relieving pain, the CBD contained in food products also helps to stimulate the metabolism. The main active ingredients will act directly on the cannabinoid system of the human body. Therefore, not only does it reduce inflammation, but it also balances the immune system and protects against anxiety.

In addition to the cannabinoids produced by the body, the immune system has a variety of sensors for the cannabinoids it ingests. The cannabinoid system can be out of balance due to various factors such as autoimmune diseases, inflammation, fatigue. CBD can help rebalance and support this system. It will act positively on the immune cells. Containing powerful antioxidants, CBD will free your body of various toxins in order to stimulate it further.

How much CBD to take daily?

Do you have difficulty determining the daily dose of CBD to take on a daily basis? The daily recommended level of CBD in food is the same as for other types of consumption.

Note that there is no standard dose of CBD to consume, as it depends on several physical and psychological factors. Make sure you are well informed about the dosage that fits your profile.

In the beginning, always start with a low CBD dose and increase gradually if necessary. Overdose is not dangerous, but it can cause mild side effects.

Types of Edible CBD to Take

There are many CBD-based food products such as CBD oil, CBD gummies or CBD infusions. Keep in mind that CBD can have different flavors depending on the hemp crop and its variety. Indeed, hemp cultivation methods play a major role in the final flavor and aroma of hemp. If you buy a CBD oil with mint, lemon, orange or natural flavors you can enjoy these flavors in your dishes.

CBD oil is the easiest option, as it only needs to be added to the recipe. CBD flowers and resins must be ground.

Then all you have to do is incorporate the right dose of CBD into your diet.

In addition, you have different tasty recipes such as salad, hot dishes or even relaxing drinks.

Those who opt for sweet dishes can add dietary CBD in the form of a flower in cakes and desserts…

In the form of drinks, dietary CBD is used in infusions, teas, herbal teas, smoothies.

For CBD to develop all of its properties, it is important to follow the instructions to the letter.
For example, it is important to remember that CBD is fat soluble and not water soluble. It is therefore preferable to add it to a fat in order to take advantage of all its virtues. Overheating must be avoided at all costs when cooking dishes with edible CBD.

CBD infusion

Food CBD taken in the form of an infusion is an excellent way to take advantage of all the virtues of cannabidiol while relaxing. The CBD flower in the form of an infusion provides more well-being than other forms of dietary CBD. A moment of relaxation and greed, that’s what a cup of infusion gives you.

The question then arises of the quantity of CBD flowers to use in its infusion. Opt for a CBD infusion containing a level of 10-25 mg of CBD. This data may vary depending on the needs of the body and metabolism. With one to two cups, you can enjoy the benefits of legal hemp within minutes, without the risk of producing psychotropic effects. Indeed, dietary CBD is not like THC, which is the dangerous substance of the plant.