Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in our product range. We are a family-owned private business based in Northumberland in the Northeast of England. Our head office and production plant are located on the famed tidal Holy Island of Lindisfarne. The county has a very rich history and is considered to be the cradle of Christianity in England and the first recorded place in these lands that the Vikings landed in AD793.

We have a very interesting range of rums which we hope you may find of interest. 

First sold in 1914, our leading seller is our Alnwick Legendary Rum, a dark rum of 43% ABV which is full of complex tastes. To maintain the historic essence of our family of rums, and to reinforce authenticity, we have reverted to the original process of not chill filtering our pure rum products (our Legendary Dark and White Knight) to preserve the full bouquet of fragrances within these rums. 

  Our recently launched Collingwood Special Reserve is our most premium product. It is a 57% gunpowder proof dark rum, named after the great Northumberland figure head, Admiral Collingwood who roamed the seas in the early eighteen hundreds.

Adding further to the great history of the region we are proud to have recently launched our Percy Special. This is a 30% ABV whisky based classic drink which traces its way back to the Duke of Northumberland who first created the drink when he felt that there was a need for a warming drink to raise the spirits when outside for long periods of time especially in the cold weather in Northumberland. It was initially called Chisky (because it was cherry brandy and whisky mixed together). 

We are proud of our association with Alnwick castle and its owner the Duke and his famous Percy family We are now delighted that  

we are including another quality drink to our Percy” range of drinks. The Special complements our rum and ginger, Percy Warmer. Our Percy Special has been produced in conjunction with the Castle where we held our launch of the product last month to some great feedback. 

 Also of note is our Holy Island Spiced Rum that just recently received a 2023 Great Taste award, something we are very proud to have received. This great Rum also uses TTB approved ingredients making it eligible for export to the USA.  

Our most recent addition to our Rum family launched in Early 2023 is our new quality Honey Rum based around the popular digestif from the Canary Islands, Ron Miel, this exciting new product has already created global interest.

With the recent increase of duty in the UK we are pleased to have absorbed the increases in order to give our customers the best deal possible.