Washbot are delighted to announce the start of our cooperation with HOTEL SUPPLIERS.  We look forward to working with the team!

About Washbot 

Sustainable Smart Toilets are sometimes referred to as Japanese Toilets due to their ubiquity in Japan, where they can be found in a large majority of hotels, and indeed over 90% of private homes.  We are now seeing phenomenal growth closer to home where Luxury Hotel Toilets are increasingly appearing in five star locations.  Our range of smart bidet toilets have been certified by WRAS and KIWA Watertec in the UK to conform to the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations.

Washbot have a range of designs to suit your style, including back to wall and wall hung designs. For new projects we are very happy to work with designers to provide bespoke luxury hotel toilet designs.  We are based in the United Kingdom, with our warehouse in Peterborough. We offer fast lead times and very competitive pricing.

We are working with architects, interior designers and developers across Europe to bring our sustainable smart toilet solutions into their residential, commercial, and hotel developments.


The future is Smart and we are proud to bring tech into the bathroom.  Our luxury hotel toilets have a wide range of functions including rear washing, front washing, oscillating spray, air drying, adjustable water and drying temperature, heated seat, night light, remote control, and automated opening.

Sustainable Smart Toilets

Annually over 700 million trees are cut down for toilet paper.  An average of 37 gallons of water are used during the manufacture of a toilet roll.

Warm air drying greatly reduces the usage of toilet paper.  For you as hoteliers, this will help reduce the consumption of toilet paper and the cost of consumables.


The ultimate in luxury, gentle cleansing with water is both hygienic and refreshing, leaving the user feeling both refreshed and revitalised.