WallPepper® / Group have amassed a massive collection of graphics ranging across all styles, colours, time periods and tastes! This massive portfolio of wallpapers is split up into six different collections: Up-to-date, Nuances, Naive, Ambiente, Levante and Kronos.

Up-to-date 2020

The Up-to-date collection is topical, with new graphics that reveal unexpected and extraordinary suggestions for decorating all types of contemporary living. An electric mixture of shapes and colours, surprising optical effects, unexpected geometries and minimalisms, bold textures, hypnotic shapes, surprising optical effects and abstract creations, graphics that faithfully reproduce specific surfaces of materials for instance metal, wood, concrete and marble, the representation for which is fascinating. The Up-to-date collection is an amalgamation of projects, inspirations, images and ideas which come together to give shape to diverse themes and timeless, classic motifs that alternate with proposals in an unmistakable metropolitan charm or an industrial style. Hotel News

Nuances 2020

The Nuances collection expresses the amazing ability of colour to personalise and describe a space, creating interaction between furnishings, objects and walls. Delicate abstract textures, suggestive watercolour places, geometric patterns, soft pastel colours and fascinating floral compositions, archetypes indefinitely associated with the female figure and its irreverent charm, metropolitan landscapes and amazing architecture, imaginative and poetic reproductions of domestic environments alternate represented on the Nuance collection.

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Naive 2020

The Naive collection brings imagination and fantasy to the walls of any environment, not just environments intended for children. The collection is filled with extravagant often suggestive scenarios, amazing worlds, mysterious creatures and enchanted places almost straight out of a fairy tale! Expertly utilising different colour pallets, from pastel tones to lively more bright colours, the WallPepper® / Group narrates a tale through the fantasy architecture, joyful images, original subjects and cheerful motifs. Hotel News

Ambiente 2020

The Ambiente collection is an assortment of surprising graphics, which can evoke the wonders of nature, its beautiful elements and inhabitants. The collection is a succession of images which reveal exotic and distant places made of colours, suggestive landscapes, seasons formed from different colour pallets, enchanting views, plants and flowers with a special, unique charm. Drawing inspiration from the stunning kaleidoscope that is nature, the Ambiente collection allows the complete immersion in the charm and magic that specific colours can convey through the graphics. Hotel News

Levante 2020

The Levante collection is a journey through the corridors of time, between idyllic sceneries and floral paradises that evoke culture, nature and the wonderful atmosphere of the Rising Sun. A collection of mystery and charm that brings exoticism and the fine poetry of beautiful, distant lands to the walls, creating magic in contemporary interiors. The collection interprets the extremely rich oriental heritage via subjects that retrace its figurative and decorative traditions, between natural landscapes and typical gardens, between icons and symbols of Asian culture. Hotel News

Kronos 2020

The Kronos Collection is sensitive, exciting and timeless, capable of creating suggestive contrasts and experimenting with special combinations of contemporary furniture. Boiserie, textures, architecture, ancient decorative traditions, frescoes, images that reinterpret real places: the Kronos collection is an unexpected pilgrimage between atmospheres and “quotes” from the wold of art and the past. The new graphics from the collection allow the creation of special spaces with a strong personality, which can be characterised by an extremely refined aesthetic impact and functionality in a modern key, allowing the inception of environments where the past gives knowledge and strength to the present. Hotel News