WallPepper® / Group wallpapers represent a valid decorative support to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of any project, residential or contract. In line with the company philosophy of seeking sustainable materials and offering concrete advantages, WallPepper® / Group has formulated an innovative protective product with real antibacterial properties. Wallpepper® / Group have provided the possibility of utilising a new anti-bacteria finish on their wallpaper in answer to the needs of contemporary living: Wallsilk®Antibatterico. It is a formulation made up of two-components with bacteria anti proliferation action applicable to already installed wallpaper. Any bacteria that come into contact with any surfaces that have been treated with Wallsilk®Antibatterico can’t develop and 99.9% are wiped out. The protection’s antimicrobial properties are achieved by the use of a disinfected metal that has natural antibacterial properties and the use of silver salts. Wallsilk®Antibatterico allows sanitation of the walls to maximise sanitisation. The protection also has excellent water repellency and resistance to solvents and abrasion. The materials used are completely PVC-free, natural and eco-compatible, keeping true to Wallpepper® / Group’s ethos. Not only do Wallpepper® / Group provide exciting and stunning graphics, but reliable and safe solutions to live in and decorate and environments in a protected manner. Hotel News