This October, Uultis will open its inaugural store in New York City, marking the start of its expansion efforts in the United States.

Spanning 230 square meters, this establishment will be situated within the New York Design Center, a Manhattan building renowned for housing various brands specializing in furniture, accessories, and decor. According to the company, this location was carefully chosen to align with the brand’s aesthetic and resonate with its clientele.

Rodrigo Seger, the Vice President of Herval Corporation, elucidated that the aim is to establish a trend of Uultis stores in major American cities. He stated, “New York was selected as the first store’s location due to its substantial market for products like Uultis. By 2025, we plan to inaugurate between six and eight stores throughout the United States.” Seger emphasized that the New York unit will serve as a pilot store.

The new store will prominently feature many of the brand’s signature products, while also offering customers the opportunity to purchase other items from the Uultis collection. Seger remarked, “Our primary focus will be on catering to interior designers and architects, but we will also warmly welcome retail customers.” Uultis already boasts a showroom and an office in Miami and has sales representatives covering all U.S. states, providing assistance to high-end furniture retailers.

Uultis is synonymous with excellence in wooden furniture. With a distinct Brazilian design sensibility, it draws inspiration from nature to imbue spaces with a contemporary aesthetic, seamlessly blending the outdoors with interior spaces through its elegant and stately furniture pieces. Founded in 2016, the name “Uultis” is derived from Latin, signifying “desire,” which, according to the company, encapsulates the inspiration behind its creations, crafting furniture with soul that translates the contemporary aspiration for a high-quality lifestyle.