The Brazilian high-end furniture brand displayed new pieces, as well as new finishings and textiles.

Renowned for its made-to-inspire furniture, Uultis, Herval Group’s high-end furniture brand, displayed its 2023 releases at ABIMAD – Brazilian Luxury Furniture and Home Decor Fair. Thought to be the main event of its sector in Latin America, ABIMAD took place between January 31st and February 3rd at São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo’s capital city. 

It was at this stage that Uultis exhibited more than 100 pieces to its visitors. Among the pieces were the highlights of this year’s collection, like the Dolomitas dining table, an iconic piece of design with a solid wood base, inspired by the famous Dolomites region – a range of rocky mountains in Northern Italy, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Another highlight is the Grain chair, a minimalist and contemporary piece inspired by the many Brazilian grains. With an organic and light shape, the wood is the protagonist in this piece, without setting aside its upholstery and backrest.     

 The visitors at ABIMAD were also able to look closely at the Zaha bed, which is made of curves and organic shapes, predominant characteristics in Uultis pieces. Inspired by the architectural works of Zara Hadid, the bed is full of symbolism: Zara is known for futuristic architecture that emphasizes curves and sharp angles. Another piece from the new Uultis collection that was inspected by the works of another icon of the architectural universe is the Ruy sofa, also released at the fair. The sofa carries the characteristics of the works of the Brazilian architect and designer, Ruy Ohtake – important volumetry and organic, light, and contemporary traits.

Another release from the brand at the event was the Lírio armchair, available in upholstered or wooden versions. The piece is a reinterpretation of the flower that gives it its name, lily, combining organic forms with the comfort of a hug that only nature can give. On the other hand, the Olga armchair combines modern traits and an irreverent design for daring projects. Another perfect combination of wood and upholstery that together create a clean and contemporary atmosphere. Valuing pure design, striking shapes, and sharp lines, Uultis also presents the Traço sofa. The wooden feet embrace the lines of the upholstery, making each stroke unique. 

Outdoor furniture emphasizes a connection with nature.

Other pieces from Uultis that took the stage at ABIMAD were the outdoor furniture. Among the highlights was the Connect porch sofa, which allows for compositions from formal to relaxed, capable of transforming from a comfortable sofa for chats to a chaise lounge for reading and relaxing, or even to a free and independent bed. The design of the piece has a discreet elegance, thanks to the combination of its soft flow, shape, and rigorous lines. 

Another piece present was the Amura armchair, which has ropes in its arms and backrest, highlighting the connection with nature and giving comfort. The Enseada armchair seeks to bring the connection between nature and the sea. The name, Cove, highlights the essence of the piece and is perfect for a leisurely and comfortable porch.