Each horizon narrates a tale, every hotel vista encapsulates the unique identity and essence that sets it apart. It’s with this reverence for individuality that Amarti Studio proudly unveils our freshest innovation: a brand-new venture that captures these distinct identities in the mesmerising interplay of sand and glittering glass.

Debut Masterpiece: “View from Hotel Croatia-Çavtat”
Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Çavtat. Each grain of sand narrates a tale; every fragment of crushed glass sparkles with memories. Crafted on our exclusive adhesive canvas and set behind clear, glare-reducing glass, this isn’t just art—it’s a living moment.

Discover the Magic of Amarti’s Sand Art New Initiative:

🔸 Texture & Luminescence: The art teases the eye with a captivating visual texture, blending sand’s rugged depth with the gentle luminescence of glass.
🔸 Artistic Immortality: Celebrate the majestic, enduring beauty of hotel vistas as they are transformed into visual treasures.
🔸 Grandeur & Versatility: Our AI-powered digital replicas can magnify into commanding murals, redefining hotel spaces.