After enduring a lengthy travel ban due to Covid-19, breaks and holidays are once again on the rise. It didn’t take long! According to data from PI Datametrics, UK Google searches for holidays in the UK increased by 762% as soon as the lockdown restrictions were lifted!

Around the same time, data from the hotel technology provider Avvio demonstrated a further 38% rise in the value of summer bookings at UK hotels. They further stated that the high-end UK staycation market had boomed, with August revenue for 4-star and 5-star hotels rising 350% from last year.

As holidaymakers escape the four walls that have enshrouded them for several months, hotels are preparing for the arrival of family parties that will undoubtedly accommodate the vast majority of their available space. And that’s not all; statistics by Family Tourism state that on average, families tend to stay away for longer than all other demographics.

Family breaks are no walk-in-the-park for parents; juggling logistics whilst ensuring that a hotel stay is fun, inspirational, and relaxing for their children is a challenge that can lead to some parents feeling stressed and overwhelmed. For hoteliers alike, catering to a family party can be tricky. There is enormous pressure to create a room that meets the needs of both adults and children.

However, hotels can utilise this niche target market as a unique opportunity for growth. With a view to reducing parental stress and supporting a relaxing break for all, family-centric and child-friendly rooms should be at the top of the agenda.

‘Family rooms’ can be an attractive prospect for parents, and small touches can make the world of difference. Matching bath robes in child-sizes are thoughtful as well as practical, reserved toy drawers can provide a moment of calm for a harassed parent. Welcome gifts for kids can also be fun; colouring books, games, toys and sweets can help launch your hotel into an industry benchmark for child-friendliness.

A simple but well-designed room is always the first step to impressing hotel guests. Aside from attractive furnishings and well-manicured fittings, fixtures and décor, shading is considered one of the most important aspects of a hotel room.

When guests book a hotel, they are expecting a good night’s sleep at the least, so blackout blinds are essential. Automated blackout blinds provide the ideal solution for preventing light ingress, and are designed with cutting-edge technology, beauty and ease of installation. Available in a wide range of hardware and fabrics, they can be customised to suit any existing aesthetic.

Traditional blinds and curtains can take a battering with the regular rotation of new guests, especially when young ones are in the mix! One of the main causes of damage is when items are left on a windowsill; as the blind closes onto the obstruction, damage to the fabric is highly likely. A study found that one hotel had to replace all their blinds within just twelve months of installation. An expensive mistake!

Obstacle detention motors are the perfect antidote to this problem. A clever electronic motor can sense when the blind is nearing an obstacle and immediately stops. Once the item has been removed, the blind can continue. This prevents unnecessary blind damage and will keep them in good shape for the long term, plus it looks super impressive to guests, and creates something of a talking point.

With hotel room safety at the fore of a parent’s mind, they will be grateful for the elimination of traditional blinds that utilise pull cords and dangling string, an inevitable hazard to young children!

Umbra are experts in hotel blackout blinds and curtains. For eye-catching, customised and maintenance-free blinds, let us introduce you to our range of style meets function products.

Allow us to help you reward your guests with the comfort and rest that they expect.