Style meets function with Umbra’s maintenance-free hotel blackout blinds & curtains that come with obstacle detection motors.

Motorised roller blinds come with more features than a standard manual blind that you might not even realise are available to you. For example, obstacle detection. Obstacle detection motors are able to detect when the blind is meeting resistance and can stop the blind in its tracks, preventing damage to the blind and belongings.

We’ve found that this is extremely beneficial in areas such as hotel rooms where guests will often leave their luggage or the bed cushions on the window sill. When an ordinary motorised blind closes onto an obstacle it will continue to travel and may cause damage. In contrast, the Umbra blackout blind with obstacle detection will automatically stop before any damage can be caused.

Damaged blinds can degrade the appearance of a room and may even put it out of action until a costly repair can be undertaken. Even worse, damage to a guests belongings may result in negative reviews and maybe even a claim.

Other features that Umbra’s blinds offer are; improved soundproofing, for rooms that encourage relaxation; user-friendly quiet operation & integrated controls for stress-free stays; a range of design options designs and fabrics to complement your brand.