Talk to me about how and when the business was founded.

As a matter of fact, two ideas were the main boosters of Turquoise Concept. The idea of being productive and meanwhile composing unique, epic, creative goods which are strongly demonstrative enough to cast reincarnative and multidimensional inspiring artifice. By the increased gold mining – forest murdering activity increase the business had started 9 years ago.

 What was the inspiration/concept behind the company?

Essentials of human life are limited however it is opposite when the matter is about the desires as a result of human beings` unfortunate pathetic fallacy tradition. As an inevitable and calamitous of this most primordial but still unabolished ambition our green planet has been under an ongoing tragic attack. The gold mining ambition in Aegean coast has left thousands of acres of desertificated forest areas. Furthermore, the highest rate among the slaughtered victims were belonging to olive trees which are the hardest to raise and most precious ones. It takes minimum 35 years for efficient harvesting of olives from a tree and their life expectancy may reach to 1000 years. Therefore, olive cultivation cannot be defined as a simple agricultural activity since the industry has mostly been sustained handing down from generation to generation. The tears of the hundreds of years aged murdered olive trees were the final ignition of the wick. We have decided to reincarnate them. However, in an out of the common and unconsuetudinary way. Their unique textures should have been exhibited as much as possible. That`s why transparency and floating on air like designs on our products have always carried a locomotive role. 

Epoxy Wood Coffee Tables / Unique Epoxy Wall Décor / Handcrafted Hotel Coffee Tables / Custom Made Hotel Tables

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Each product is different, each product has a different story, the unbeatable transparency and scratch free protection of our goods sets us apart from our competitors. Depending on the main aim several different types of pf process availability such as any outdoor or indoor use, waterproof or half and half texture feeling epoxy covers etc. is also not common in this industry.

How has the company grown since its launch?

When our customers began asking that traditional question the answer, they have always met carried our company to his rightful place. 

Question: Else than tables what can you produce for us and what are color and design options of yours?

Answer: Sky is the limit. Tell us about your dreams and we shall make a product to reflect those.

Epoxy Wood Coffee Tables / Unique Epoxy Wall Décor / Handcrafted Hotel Coffee Tables / Custom Made Hotel Tables

What would you say has been one of your proudest moments for the company thus far?

In one of the exhibitions when a young lady had tried to question about our company`s delicacy about green world. The expression of her face in a composition of fluster, regret and demurity was beyond the price when she has learned the main goal as giving those trees their second lives through our products.