Where do your design ideas come from for your products?

A. Serenity: To us, peace & health are the most important parts of a harmonious life. In each and every Turquoise Concept piece, we strive to exude tranquil energy with our handcrafted, nature-integrated product line.

B. Emotional Balance: The color turquoise is exceptional in its energy. It provides a unique emotional balance by bringing together the most magical, balanced combination of energy & nature.

C. Ocean Infinity: Water to us, whether that be river, sea, or ocean, illustrates the idea of continuity. At Turquoise Concept, we frame each and every one of our products on that ocean infinity that water has thrived on throughout eternity.

What is your best-selling product and why do you think that is?

All of our products are one-of-a-kind; we do not mass produce nor keep an inventory. That being said, our dining tables and office desks made with memorable tones of reclaimed olive wood that meet the oceanic clarity of advanced resin are quite popular among our customer base.

Epoxy Wood Coffee Tables / Unique Epoxy Wall Décor / Handcrafted Hotel Coffee Tables / Custom Made Hotel Tables

Do you have any new products in the pipeline?

Our only goal is to create exquisite products that have been produced on the foundation of creativity. We’ve created art for clients ranging from high-style epoxy tables to wall accessories, lamps to coffee tables, and so much more. Our products are unlike any other you’ll see on the market. 

At Turquoise Concept, we don’t keep an inventory of products. Each and every piece tells a story and is hand-made to fit your design visions. If you can dream it, Turquoise Concept can create it. 

We are working on a new breathtakingly bold dining table that will make a statement in any room. Keep your eyes peeled because this one-of-a-kind creation will be available for sale In January 2023!

Epoxy Wood Coffee Tables / Unique Epoxy Wall Décor / Handcrafted Hotel Coffee Tables / Custom Made Hotel Tables

What sets your products above your competitors?

A. Mindfullness: Respecting the planet we live on takes promise. Everything we produce is on the principle of rationality, avoiding waste in every sense. We use our resources in the most efficient ways to ensure we’re respecting our planet. All the trees used to make our custom and hand-made projects are at the end of their life; Turquoise Concept is giving these trees a new life.

B. Quality: We take pride in knowing our products are made with only the best epoxy in the market sourced from Germany, Italy, and the United States. Our curing process is top of the line with a guarantee of no bubbles. We also have the ability to color-match our advanced resin to make a certain aesthetic in your design space.

C. Customer Involvement: We keep our customers involved in the process from beginning to end. You are sent regular project updates directly from our workshop.