Turquoise Concept is an Ottawa based Canadian company excited to announce the launch of a unique collection of elegant and mesmerizing tables and furniture. Inspired by the traditionally sacred and durable olive tree, Turquoise Concept blends the unique art of woodworking with luxury epoxy design. They are proud to provide a Mediterranean-inspired touch to the global market. Their furniture are designed to be both visually appealing and highly functional, making them a great fit for luxury and high-end hotels.

Each piece in the collection is handcrafted and one of a kind, allowing them to stand out amongst mediocrity.  In addition to the ready-designed collection, Turquoise Concept creates custom pieces to fit any designer’s vision. All materials are sourced from Turkiye, Italy, Germany, Canada, and the USA.

It’s all about the details. Turquoise Concept’s tables make an impression and stand out. They’re a symbol of quality and luxury,  and set hotels apart from their competitors. Guests at high-end hotels expect a memorable experience with luxurious amenities and furnishings, and Turquoise Concept can provide that difference. In addition to the beauty of the table, its durability and quality make this table functional for public use. The tables can be customized to fit the specific needs and decor of a hotel, ensuring that they seamlessly blend in with the existing style of any property.

Efe Buyukyildirim, CEO of Turquoise Concept, has over 15 years of experience in  manufacturing, starting his career as an owner of a local woodshop. As an entrepreneur of several companies, Efe moved himself and his family from Turkiye to Canada to expand his business and fulfill his vision. While in Canada, he saw an opportunity to bring Mediterranean luxury to the Canadian market and the Turquoise Concept was born.