Forest, sky, mossy glade. Imagine the scenery where you are resting by a mountain stream and enjoying the glare of the sun’s light. This thought accompanied the designers creating the collection of artistic TURQUOISE chandeliers as a complement to the Sculptural Hotel Lighting.

Femininity and sensitivity are an integral part of this collection. The architect Maria Rypuła, who founded the Gie El brand in 2012, leaned over the idyllic frame of carefree forest scenery and, together with designer Paulina Miszczak, transferred its elements directly to contemporary interiors like boutique, well designed hotels.

The modern TURQUOISE chandelier is a part of unique lights for hotels composition made of artistic glass. Hand-made lampshades, all coming from the furnaces of the Polish steelworks. One may observe the artistic sensitivity painted in a unique way on each lampshade. Experience the organic shape and form. Everything together creates the character of this original collection.

Gie El is a Polish brand that creates original hotel lighting compositions, visionary lighting installations, original chandeliers and emotional pendant lamps. Created by designers who focus on unique forms and sculptural creations in their work. As a result, for many years the brand has been introducing modern lamps to the market and furnishing boutique interiors, both residential and commercial. The brand’s creations have spread all over the world, and the name Gie El becomes a synonym of good design and original products with an intense sculptural character.

The collection of modern TURQUOISE chandeliers contains numerous details. Firstly, they are visible in the structure and color of the glass. Numerous shades of turquoise, mild green with a hint of gray are a distinguishing mark of the collection. In addition, various artistic forms of the lampshades themselves, known from earlier collections of hanging lamps are seen. The detail is also expressed in the wires braided with textile yarn, thanks to which we gain a solid fixation of the lampshade and an aesthetic, delicate string.

The Gie El’s desire is to adjust the product to individual needs. Such product can be created according to one’s expectations. On individual request, we can change the number of lampshades, cable length, as well as the color of the string or even the size itself.

The Gie El brand is created by designers who have a visionary approach to hotel interior design. The boutique character of lamps and chandeliers and their sculptural, emotional style are the trademarks of the brand. When you reach for the TURQUOISE chandelier, you choose a unique product which will embrace your hotel with a timeless design.