[Dallas, Aug 17, 2023] — TruAssist, a leading provider of workplace safety solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its cutting-edge employee safety devices, designed to revolutionize workplace security and ensure the well-being of employees across industries.

Workplace safety remains a top priority for organizations worldwide, and TruAssist has been at the forefront of creating advanced technologies that cater to this critical need. The new range of employee safety devices introduces a host of features aimed at enhancing personal security, emergency response, and real-time communication.

Key features of the TruAssist employee safety devices include:

Real-Time GPS Tracking: The devices are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS technology, enabling organizations to pinpoint the exact location and floor of an employee in distress. This feature expedites emergency response and enables efficient evacuation during critical situations. And the system does this without the need for beacons.

Panic Button: A prominent panic button on the device and mobile interface allows employees to instantly send a call for help to a designated response team. The button-press action ensures a swift response to emergencies, while mitigating potential false alerts.

Two-Way Communication: TruAssist’s devices offer seamless two-way communication, enabling employees to stay in contact with security personnel and provide real-time descriptive updates on their situation. And this can be done without alerting unwanted attention.

Battery Longevity: TruAssist understands the importance of continuous protection. The devices boast extended battery life, ensuring that they remain operational throughout the workday without interruption.

“We are excited to introduce our innovative range of employee safety devices to the market,” said Don Bahlman, CEO at iOpen Innovations. “Workplace security is paramount, and our new devices are a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower employees and organizations to prioritize safety.”

TruAssist’s employee safety devices are compatible with the company’s comprehensive safety platform, which provides organizations with centralized monitoring, incident management, and reporting capabilities.

TruAssist offers customizable solutions to cater to the unique safety needs of different hotels. Whether it’s a boutique establishment or a sprawling resort, the panic button’s features and integration capabilities can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the property.

In an era where staff safety is a top concern, TruAssist emerges as the ultimate solution for the hospitality industry. By combining leading technology with a commitment to employee well-being, this panic button sets a new benchmark for safety in hotels. As hotels continue to evolve to meet the challenges of the modern world, TruAssist can provide a safer environment, ensuring that hotel staff can work with confidence and peace of mind.

For more information about TruAssist’s new range of employee safety devices and their advanced features, please visit https://www.iopeninnovations.com or contact [email protected] 

About TruAssist:

TruAssist is a leading innovator in workplace safety solutions, dedicated to providing organizations with the tools they need to create secure and protected work environments. With a focus on technology-driven safety solutions, TruAssist continues to drive advancements in employee well-being and security.