Are you looking for new ways to delight your hotel guests and make their stay an unforgettable experience with sustainable, innovative products?

Then we have the perfect solution for you with our Herbalea hemp products!

In today’s society we are permanently exposed to external stimuli- as a result, guests are often looking for mindfulness and retreat as a counter-trend to the permanent sensory overload of the digital age. The growth of the sustainability movement is based on a desire to escape this media-made excitement culture- and hemp serves as a fundamental building block in the move towards tranquility.

This is where Herbalea comes in. Herbalea is a Swiss brand owned by SWISS Gate AG and focuses on the development as well as the distribution of products with hemp-based ingredients such as CBD cosmetics & organic hemp foods. All products are manufactured in sustainable production facilities and comply with the highest quality standards. Herbalea’s goal is to bring wellbeing and pleasure to every guest.

To achieve this goal, our range of products stretches from the cosmetics sector to the foodie sphere. We provide in room amenity solutions with our creams and cannabidoil (CBD) for face and body care as well as our CBD shampoos and conditioners. Our sustainable food and drink solutions can elevate guest experiences both in room restaurants- our diverse range includes tea and mulled wine as well as hemp spaghetti and pestos- we even offer raw hemp flour for use in kitchens.

With our CBD cosmetics and organic hemp foods, hotels can enjoy the following benefits:


Our hemp products are characterised by naturally soothing, relaxing and calming properties. As a hotel operator, you can use our products as part of your wellness offer and provide your guests with a way to relax and regenerate.


All our products are characterised by sustainable production, resource-saving packaging and climate-neutral distribution. This means that you can make your hotel more environmentally friendly and act more sustainably than before.

Guest satisfaction:

More and more people are looking for natural and healthy alternatives to conventional cosmetics and food products. By offering hemp products, you can adapt to this movement and offer your guests a wider range of options.


By including our hemp products in their offer, you can stand out from other hotels, create unique offers and spread the word- increase your referral rate many times over!

Attractive sales opportunities:

Our hemp products offer hoteliers the opportunity to further increase sales through gift shop stock- opening up a new, long-term source of income.

Herbalea bases its corporate objectives on the principle of the triple bottom line- dividing our efforts accordingly between the areas of ecology, economy and society, we pay attention to continuous harmony between the individual spheres of corporate achievement.

For this reason, the company donates 1% of its monthly turnover to three different social projects.

In addition, the brand is involved in the following areas of ESG with various instruments:

  1. Sustainable production
  2. Ecological packaging
  3. Sponsoring
  4. Reintegration job market
  5. Diversity & equality
  6. Certifications
  7. Memberships

Make your hotel more sustainable with Herbalea’s hemp products and treat your guests with wellbeing and pleasure from 100% nature.

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