Color uplifts us, heart and soul. Like the blue sky brightening a gray day, your hotel can raise the joy within, guest by guest. Expressive artwork throughout the hotel can mirror and magnify joy, peace, and happiness.

Dorothy Fagan and her team of curators and collaborators work together to create a unique creative vision for your hotel lobby, guest suites, spa and restaurant.

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About the Artist

A Joyful Expressionist, Dorothy Fagan is a cutting edge designer, painter, healing artist, and colorist whose mission is to bring joy to the world, activating the body’s chakras with color.

She creates large scale oil paintings & fiber art. Working collaboratively with consultants and designers, her team designs site-specific works and also makes an extensive catalog of wall art available to the trade. Fagan’s works are installed in France, Italy and in the U.S. in Boston, New York City, Riverside and more.


Fagan’s painting process is intuitive; it explores color relationships through space and light created from within. She converses with the colors through a healing process, fueled by vitality and vibrancy. Her works vary from richly textured oil paintings created with palette knives to fiber artworks, sparkling with pearlescent collage.

Our Business Story

Dorothy Fagan Fine Art is a Visual Art business, founded by American artist Dorothy Fagan. Based in Virginia, French curator Clea Massiani, and Bolivian-American marketing developer Jarman Fagalde execute a shared artistic vision of uplifting people through color, light, and harmony. Contact us for upcoming events!