In a world where outdoor living, hospitality and operational efficiency are more important than ever, the emphasis on the importance of choosing the right outdoor furniture cannot be great enough.

Bubalou, a Dutch brand specializing in outdoor furniture, is redefining the concept of luxury outdoor living with its innovative and stylish designs.

Marco Verschut, the owner of Bubalou, emphasizes the crucial factors to consider when choosing outdoor furniture, stating, “It should withstand all seasons, provide indoor-level comfort, and eliminate the hassle of dealing with cushions constantly.” Bubalou’s collection perfectly embodies these principles, seamlessly blending the ergonomic comfort of indoor furniture with the characteristics required for outdoor use.

Guest expectations in hospitality settings have evolved, with a growing demand for more than just great food and drinks. The ambiance and comfort of outdoor spaces play a pivotal role in the overall experience. Bubalou recognizes this shift, offering seating solutions that exceed these expectations.

Dutch Design and ultimate comfort
Bubalou’s outdoor furniture is carefully designed to provide optimal support and comfort. The collection boasts unparalleled seating comfort, constructed of weather-resistant materials. The stylish Dutch designs, reminiscent of indoor furniture, create a seamless transition from interior to exterior spaces. 

Bubalou’s Divans provide ultimate seating comfort.

No more dragging loose pillows
Comfort means more than just seating comfort. The outdoor furniture can remain outside 365 days a year, eliminating the dragging of loose cushions and making a lounge set cover unnecessary. This not only offers great convenience, but also saves on storage space

The outer fabric is dirt and water repellent, allowing water and other liquids like coffee and wine to simply run off without being absorbed. A distinctive feature of Bubalou’s lounge sets is the quick-drying, waterproof fabric. By adding a thin layer of recycled PET bottles to the back of the fabric, water does not penetrate through to the cushions, ensuring the sofa dries quickly. This groundbreaking approach means you no longer have to lug around loose cushions, and the sofa is ready for use again in no time after a rain shower!

Bubalou - Luxury Outdoor Living / All Weather Seating / Dutch Outdoor Furniture

Comfort is also no more dragging pillows. Photo credits: Sophias Leeuwarden 

Tailored Terrace Transformation
Bubalou’s modular collection offers endless possibilities for designing outdoor spaces, suitable for both large and small terraces. Paired with low tables, the furniture invites guests to relax and enjoy their surroundings. To ensure that your terrace layout aligns perfectly with your target audience and desired atmosphere, Bubalou provides personalized advice. This bespoke service ensures a well-thought-out arrangement that caters to your specific needs and preferences.

Deck design for the ultimate guest experience

Elevate your outdoor spaces with Bubalou’s luxury all-weather seating, where style meets ergonomics, and comfort knows no boundaries. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional outdoor furniture and embrace a new era of alfresco living with Bubalou.